VIDEO> Bigfoot Bash 2010

BIGFOOT BASH FINAL VERSION from Ryan Davis on Vimeo.

The very first Bigfoot Bash was held over this past weekend. A two day event that started with action at the Evergreen Speedway for the first day, followed by an overnight camp at Pacific Grand Prix to wake up for more drifting action the next day! Rob Primozich is the guy to thank for this awesome weekend. Because of him, everyone who attended had a great time! The drivers had tons of runs and Ray Stonehocker even brought out his tire machine to change tires. Ryan Davis made the drive from Oregon to attend this event, as well as our boys Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala.

Ryan Davis is an up and coming videographer who has been making a big impact on the Northwest scene. After watching this video, I noticed that his style of video is far different from most videos that I see I simply had to ask him “What made you make your video the way you did?” This is what he told me:

I wanted to make this film a representation of the vibe and feel I got from each stage of the event. I have had so much fun at both of these tracks before: Formula D at Evergreen and the crazy tandem events at PGP. I knew that, whatever happened, it was going to interest people, so I edited accordingly. Justin Shreeve was singing the Tom Petty song on the ride back and that fell in so easily with the Evergreen section. The PGP portion was so high-energy and I knew Supernova by Loyale, an up-and-coming artist, was going to not only show the difference in pace, but also stick in peoples’ heads leaving them wanting more.

Honestly, I think this video is one of Ryan’s best yet! It’s great to see different videographic visions of the same event. It’s amazing to me how diverse these videographers’ artistic perspectives can be. Great job Ryan!

::Yoshi Shindo

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24 Responses to “VIDEO> Bigfoot Bash 2010”

  1. SXmeUP says:

    lovin the music trax. whats that second song that plays though!!!

  2. Primo says:

    Amazing video Ryan!!!! Thanks to everyone!!!

  3. Chris Hecht says:

    Rad video! The skateboard video technique is fresh. I like when Yoshi scratches his head. haha

  4. Michael says:

    2:25 the beginning of epic glide track footage! yes, now that’s more like it! Really fresh Ryan.

  5. Darren says:

    unnnnnnnnh son

    loved it ryan, fantastic job

    totally worth the clinching

  6. Lambert Paat says:

    Dopeeeeeeeeeeeee video

  7. brandon scarpelli says:

    Damn I love Day 2! The skipping/rolling footage is sickness! Great video Ryan!

  8. haymaker says:

    great vid. i like how close they were letting the photogs to the track, even on the track.

  9. Nikolay says:

    Siiiiiick so much friggin awsome right there.

  10. Law says:

    Great vid. What is the story on the early 80′s 4door corolla that looks like it wrapped itself around something? Anyone know who he is? I’m curious of his set up…. and what happened at that track.

  11. D1RGE.EXE says:

    +20 for gratuitous use of skateboard dolly :)

  12. DJ Zombie says:

    SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video is the shit!

  13. Tristan Gay says:

    well played!

  14. Steven says:

    I love how the photographers are skateboarding right next to a car that’s drifting “really dumb asses” Hopefully someone will get hit the next event for you guys can learn something about safety. Thumbs down

  15. Kei says:

    It was awesome!! I love it :)

  16. aso says:

    awe steven, why you gotta hate? that’s a really inventive way of shooting the cars, and in a way makes me feel like the action is more authenntic. we all care about safety of course, but i think their shooting angles (and the music) are what make this video for most of us.

  17. Brendan says:

    as above man dope video, i definately like the two themes for the two different days.. very fun and easy to watch

  18. zack geng says:

    such a bad ass video one of the years best. but needs more canada!~

  19. Allen says:

    wow what happened at 1:58

  20. steve thompsom says:

    i love this vid!! thanks for the shots bromeo

  21. MaydayJohnp says:

    Very fucking cool!

  22. Mahtthew says:

    Nice vid just love how clear it looks.

  23. michael says:

    awsome video,
    whats the songs name in Day2?

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