VIDEO> JDM Allstars Final – Calvert vs Fink!

JDM Allstars Silverstone > THE FINAL from Josh Allen on Vimeo.

I was just browsing around on Facebook when a message showed up in my inbox from videographer Josh Allen from Will Shoot For Food. He sent me a link to this video and asked me to check it out.

This short, but SICK, video is of the final battle between Luke Fink (Low-Brain Drifters PS13) and Jon Calvert (Neuton Tyres/Mei No Mai 180sx) from the closing round of the 2010 JDM Allstars Championship. It also features some dope, in-car POV footage shot on ContourHD cameras!

The final at Silverstone Circuit was an interesting one and it was really anyone’s game with Dan Chapman, Luke Fink and Jon Calvert all running close in the standings. Unfortunately, everything got a little turned on its head during practice and qualifying – thanks to mixed weather turning the track into an unpleasant combination of dry and wet patches. A lot of the top runners in the series struggled and even the likes of Dan Chapman had his dreams of a championship win smashed when he qualified 23rd.

By the Top 16, the track had dried out and everyone had stepped their game up big time. But from the off, it was clear to see that Fink and Calvert were gunning for the top spot and that’s how we ended up with this spectacular final. The judges decided to give the win to John Calvert in the end but, with the points from qualifying added to his total, the championship went to Luke Fink! Congratulations!

If you like a bit of intense twin drifting, you should check out this video. Full videos from Silverstone AND Wembley will be out pretty soon as well. It’s just that Josh has been busy working a ton of projects – such as a rather interesting film from our excursion in Poland. On top of that he’s also been trying to contain his excitement at the thought of coming over to the USA for the Red Bull Drifting World Championship later this year. He’s not quite sure how he’s going to do it yet, but if anyone wants to help him out organizing his trip over, please contact us at (motormavens(at) or him at (josh(at)!

:: Daniel Bridle

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11 Responses to “VIDEO> JDM Allstars Final – Calvert vs Fink!”

  1. B says:

    :eek: epic last turn

  2. alex says:

    sick vid! whats the dubstep song at the end?

  3. mr. rotary says:

    sierra leone by mt. eden

  4. en6381 says:

    woo…….Low- brain is crazy

  5. Will Epps says:

    Awesome footage Josh!!! Looking forward to the rest.

  6. Lambert Paat says:

    GREAT VIDEO! Great song too! dubstep mt.eden

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Nice write up daniel, & josh u know u got my props the video is epic, and Luke i love u baby u never fail to impress me, ur driving is amazing every time xoxoxo

  8. Eric says:

    that was jaw dropping sick!

  9. Brendan says:

    Yerr luke repping australia… that last turn was amazing. It actually made me excited

  10. Braudiel says:

    mr. rotary wat kind of rotary u got???

  11. ApexR says:

    Mt Eden dubstep represent! Smoke check, door to door check SR20det at full song check. Win.

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