VIDEO> Low-Familia 2010 Wörthersee

Official Wörthersee 2010 Video of the Low-Familia from Thomas Diewald on Vimeo.

Every year, droves of Euro-inspired enthusiasts come out to a little city in Austria for a fun-filled weekend of girls, beer, cars (and more beer). This year there were some amazing cars –  from a first gen Volkswagen rabbit (Mk1) swapped with a 1.8t to sick Audis sitting just right on big wheels riding on Air.

I have to hand it to the Europeans, they sure know how to do up their rides – everything from getting the stance of the car just perfect to even the minute details in chrome and the polishing of every single nut and bolt. That’s just pure dedication. The theme that seems to be running all throughout Europe is Air-ride. I saw it much more this year than ever before. The versatility and ride quality were just amazing – it just makes sense.

Here’s a video from the guys at LOW-FAMILIA as I just happened to come across their video and thought I might share it amongst you guys to give you a sneak peek at how the Europeans do up their rides.

Big -ups to Thomas Dieweld for putting together such a sick video of the show.

For more info click the link below


:: Tamer Omran

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9 Responses to “VIDEO> Low-Familia 2010 Wörthersee”

  1. seaninc says:

    Bags are for groceries.

  2. Aaron says:

    Nice cars, but I had to watch that with the volume off.

  3. Booch says:

    typical vw video, nice camera work and editing, repetitive autos and wheels

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  5. Chris Hecht says:

    Stylezzz! I laughed at the fwd spinnning tires and bangin’ off the rev limiter. But seem like cool cats over there. They definitely know how to roll low.

  6. Tamer Omran says:

    @Seaninc – haha Static is where its all ..

    @Booch- I didnt notice anything repetitive about this video .. I love every car that was shown.. except that hideous A6 that was all diffrent sort of colors.. (that green one) But overall its a new perspective on things.. a bit out of the norm..From what your use to seeing state side..

    @everyone Else… THANKS for the comments… Thought i’d share it with you guys for those who haven’t seen it yet.. Give you guys a look at whats going on with the whole “STANCE” scene since its been the craze…. LOL im not gonna lie.. im a sucker for stance myself.. Happy viewing.

  7. daedae says:

    not gna lie..clean cars..but these the kind of f**s tht would cry over a little dirt on their

  8. Michael says:

    fresh video and nice camera work. I know there’s another film crew that shoots an amazing film edit of the Wörthersee events, but I just can’t think of it at the moment..Anyone want to chime in on this one?

  9. TireFun says:

    amazing -this is the right word to describe my emotions after watching this video

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