STOLEN> Cody Parkhouse’s Drift S13 & Trailer!

Last night Cody Parkhouse’s Formula Drift-spec S13 hatch was stolen in front of his house in Long Beach. The car was housed in a white Carson enclosed trailer with small black “Pacer” sticker on it. California license plate: 4AB2288.

Some info about the car from Cody:

Red s13 hatch, supercharged vq, parts shop max arms, tein superdrifts, custom pwr radiator, 1 sparco evo and 1 evo2, kaaz 1.5 way diff, aeromotive a1000 fuel pump, aem 1050 ecu. I know a lot of the parts are pretty common but maybe some stuff might stand out.

If you have seen the car/trailer fitting this description, you can reach Cody at 562.900.5907.

:: Andy Sapp

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10 Responses to “STOLEN> Cody Parkhouse’s Drift S13 & Trailer!”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Rhoad, Zane Merva, NissanPacific, Darrick Snyder, Lieze Truter and others. Lieze Truter said: RT @andysapppp: Help find Cody Parkhouse's STOLEN drift-S13 and trailer. Details here: [...]

  2. Chris Rhoad says:

    Facebook and Twitter are slammed with the news of Cody’s car. The situation sucks, but seeing the community come together to help him out is rad!

  3. om1kron says:

    [latino joke]Fucking lame, on the bright side if it was mexicans they will ditch the car and make a taco stand out of your trailer. – that’s racist.[/latino joke]

    if it was white people, meth lab or weed dispensary.

    all in all hope you get it back in one piece dude.

  4. beto(chiprez) says:

    wtf!that sucks!any suspects?

  5. D1RGE.EXE says:

    Goddamn thats low. Like someone thinks they can show up somewhere with the car or trailer and 100 people are not gonna recognize it. Thieves truly are some of the lowest forms of life. Good luck getting it back, Cody. I’ll keep my eyes peeled in the Signal Hill area.

  6. Skurai says:

    its low to steal, but its even lower to steal from a drifter.

  7. [...] aem 1050 ecu. I know a lot of the parts are pretty common but maybe some stuff might stand out. STOLEN> Cody Parkhouse’s Drift S13 & Trailer! – MotorMavens | Car Culture x Motor… __________________ Comments should be taken as Opinions not as Statements of [...]

  8. Joe Ayala says:

    Whats the word on the search? Anyone know?

  9. Andy Sapp says:

    No word that I know of. I think they found the trailer empty… but no car.

  10. Mario says:

    hi , i used to live in el sereno i moved about a week ago but for about a couple of months i had been seeing a car identicle to the red 240sx that was stolen. it is red ,exact same body kit,fenders, everything! Even the wheels were the black five spokes. the only thing is it didnt have any stickers or anything no sponser stuff on it but everytime i saw it it was never moved.

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