VIDEO> Looking back to FD Vegas

It has always interested me to watch the background area of a competition, and all that is involved to bring it to life.
Formula D has so many people working, moving, going… There is a full TV show being produced, professional race event taking place, thousands of fans… And yet, it seems like most things move at a different pace in Las Vegas. The cars are still in a rush, but everyone else, everyone behind the scenes…

Once I started editing to this song (Sundriped), I felt the pace change from some of the other videos I have done more recently, so I countered with a different choice of footage out of my stash.

In the last video, I featured Justin Shreeve, Joe Ayala and Yoshi Shindo. In this video, I threw in a quick clip of Abbitt Wilkerson, another Northwest videographer. His older brother, Walker Wilkerson, acquired an FD license at the final Formula D event in Irwindale. Keep an eye out for what Abbitt, Shreeve, myself and the rest of YAER Productions will do for Walker’s upcoming 2011 driver package.

Ian Dillon, of Factory 83, also collaborated with YAER Productions, providing graphics for this and other upcoming edits.

:: Ryan Davis

YAER Productions on Vimeo

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9 Responses to “VIDEO> Looking back to FD Vegas”

  1. Jerry says:

    Pretty poor shot and edited video.

  2. Luke says:

    well made i thought!
    love the brake sparks at the end out of the 350!!

  3. Ashley says:

    Well Jerry, if you think this video is so poorly shot and edited, let’s see your masterpiece.

    Good work as always Ryan.

  4. Justin L. says:

    Great edit, and best of all, great Music. lol even Com Truise recognized you

    How did you run across him?

  5. Buckey says:

    I was into it! thanks for working hard on it, and thanks for the clip!

    hater’s will hate. keep ballin!

  6. Alex says:

    What’s going on with the site. I you guys do now is Formula D and Hellaflush meets now. Really need more material. I miss all the articles you used to have.

  7. Ian - Factory83 says:

    Good work as always Ryan….YAER.

  8. chipperx7 says:

    really, really like this video!!!
    Look forward to more from ryan!

  9. JohnZ350 says:

    I enjoyed the song and I can see what the shooter was going for. Unfortunately, camera shake and lack of focus whatsoever was very disappointing. It seems as if the quality of posts on this website have gone downhill… not to mention the lack of content in general.

    I understand that Formula D is interesting to some extent, but repeat sub par coverage and more of a focus on the other photographers rather than the content at hand is disheartening. Should you not be paid to capture the event, rather than tell us who the other media are in each video?

    If you want to glorify yourselves do it with quality content. When I read Mavens these days I feel like the contributors sit around creating some false image to try to sell to the readers. It is entirely dull and fake.

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