STOLEN> Justin Pawlak’s Green FC/Truck/Trailer!

ATTENTION! Justin Pawlak’s truck & enclosed trailer that housed his legendary green FC has been STOLEN! We’ve been blasting this all over Facebook and Twitter since this morning, but here’s a photo of the car in case you don’t know which FC3S RX7 we’re talking about! (Highly doubt that, since this is one of the most famous FC3S RX7s in the US drifting scene!) Please help JTP get his car (and truck) back!

Please if anyone sees my white 2004 chevy 2500hd, 26′ white enclosed trailer which has my green fc rx7 in it please call or email me. It was stolen between midnight and 2am from Maywood St in Eaglerock. I’m offering a $5000 cash reward to any information that leads to the locating and retrieval of my green fc rx7 and chevy truck. please spread the word, I need the car and truck back. there is a Just Drift sticker on the lower left rear window of the truck and it has an OS Giken license plate frame.
Call/Email Justin IMMEDIATELY with any leads at: 623-332-6766 or jtpawlak[at]

:: Andy Sapp

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12 Responses to “STOLEN> Justin Pawlak’s Green FC/Truck/Trailer!”

  1. Punishment says:

    I heard about this last night hopefully they find the scumbags responsible

  2. mightymattymouse says:

    when they catch them they should kill them

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  4. om1kron says:

    Best to save those parts list for the insurance company instead of posting it online, could’ve been some bro’s thinking that trailer was full of banshee’s. Some thieves don’t really know what they stole until someone gives them a specs list to motivate a break down of the car.

    I think it sucks, I don’t know Justin all that well, and don’t really like him either but I don’t wish this shit on anyone and as a fellow auto enthusiast I’d be down for street justice if he needs heads.

    fuck thieves and their families.

  5. Hmmm… good point, om1kron. I’ll remove the parts list!

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  7. Law says:

    Wow. That really, really… words can’t describe how really bad that sucks. I’ll keep an eye out in Texas.

  8. Braudiel says:

    its a shame sum1 did dat sH** if sum1 do dat 2 my fc i will hunt dem down and kill dem!!!

  9. Sandra S. says:

    They could take everything but NEVER YOUR TALENT!!!:-) Keep your head up!!

    Love Sandra Salinas

  10. Kevin says:

    just a few months ago, i swear there was a post of an s13 and trailer being stolen, now this. its ridiculous. gl on the search.

  11. Berto says:

    Uh, where was it stolen?? I googled Marywood St. in Eaglerock, and that was useless.

  12. Adam Z says:

    What a shame!

    Has Justin recovered the car/truck/trailer yet?!

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