FORUM> Justin Shreeve’s Slowest S13 Build Ever

Justin Shreeve MotorMavens S13 Silvia 240SX Medford OR Portland build thread

As I was looking through the MotorMavens Forum today, I noticed that our notorious video shooter from the Northwest, Justin Shreeve, has finally put up a build thread that talks about his S13 240SX! Shreeve’s story explains how it has taken him several years to build his car on a shoestring budget (and it’s still not finished) and how he built it up from a bone stock Grandma owned 240SX to the flat black tire shredder that it is today.

Take a minute and click through to Shreeve’s S13 story on the MotorMavens Forum, and leave the kid some comments! Better yet, post up photos of YOUR own car, and tell us YOUR story. After all, that’s what MotorMavens is all about! We like to shine a light on all that is dope on city streets! That’s right… I guess you could say that MotorMavens pushes the dopest dope on the street! Haha…

:: Antonio Alvendia

Justin Shreeve’s S13 story on the MotorMavens Forum

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15 Responses to “FORUM> Justin Shreeve’s Slowest S13 Build Ever”

  1. VJ says:

    WRD!!!! Good build dude! Very well done.

  2. Justin Shreeve says:

    MotorMavens: We sell drugs. haha Thanks, Antonio! :)

  3. JoeAyala says:

    Wait, this is a build for the slowest s13 ever?! :)

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  5. deadpirate says:

    i want justin shreeve’s babies…also joe ayala is the mary kate to my ashley

  6. tylwld says:

    Awesome, all my favorite s-chassis qualities in a true grass roots build. I have a build like this on my bucket list for Dec. 2012, (even though we all know thats bs)It’s a good excuse :P

  7. @Shreeve: I didn’t say “we sell drugs,” I was just saying we promote dopeness! hahaha Sorry, I just watched American Gangster, so I guess you know where that came from. “Blue Magic is a BRAND and people TRUST it!” haha

  8. Justin Shreeve says:

    hahaha I knew what you meant. That movie is awesome.

    MotorMavens: We Push Dope.

  9. Hechtspeed says:

    So, MotorMavens is the DopenessMavens. Nice! ;)

    Cool build thread Shreeve! Keep it going!

  10. Melissa Shreeve says:

    That’s my son!

  11. AvonB says:

    Shreeve! I guess you’ve got the dopest dope. You gotta lil sumpm on your nose bro…

    @ Ant – Cuba Gooding jr was super GANGSTA in that movie!

  12. sharkerio says:

    Killer Shreeve!
    I member those vids – I was like “awww!!”


  13. Mack says:

    I best see a narwhal on this in the future!

  14. Mr. Moons says:

    no aero > aero

    That’s just my two cents.

  15. Unfriendly Garage says:

    AERO is traditional. :-D love it

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