VIDEO> Jersey Shore in the EatSleepRace R35 GTR

I’ve been sitting on this video since my trip to the East Coast with EAT SLEEP RACE last year. I’m so glad to finally post this! While we weren’t preparing for Honda Day, working on Ruckuses, and being tourists in NYC, the ESR guys and I took a trip to the original Jersey Shore of Belmar, NJ. Shooting out the window of a moving vehicle proved to be more than slightly difficult, but we had a blast and got a fun, short video out of it.

:: Justin Shreeve

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15 Responses to “VIDEO> Jersey Shore in the EatSleepRace R35 GTR”

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  2. Santi says:

    Dope! Seems like you handled shooting from a moving car pretty damn well. Good stuff dude.

  3. Wow, Fran-wow and Bri-ski actually took you to the Jersey Shore? Did you guys pump your fists?

  4. Justin Shreeve says:

    Santi – Thanks, man. It was really tough!

    Antonio – Hell yeah, we did! hahaha

  5. Joe Ayala says:

    Antonio, The question is, Did they stop pumping their fists while they were there! haha

  6. Mike Head says:

    What a GTR! Any more pics or a blog or thread to see more? Oh, and love your style Justin!

  7. TJ Fry says:

    smooth motion saves the day again! love it!

  8. I’ve seen this car at Englishtown a few times, awe inspiring. sick video too

  9. Em says:

    Miike Snow and a GTR. Yup!

  10. jija says:

    car is nice, driver looks like a tool.

  11. boring says:

    wow, way to tacky up a gtr. boring video and daddies car

  12. agreed says:

    agreed with ‘boring’, that’s one way to ruin a GT-R.

  13. alpha says:

    shiiiiiiiiitttt… that is fresh..

  14. Hechtspeed says:

    I thought it was funny how the driver was trying to act all cool hangin’ his arm out the window and stuff. Dude, you’re drivin’ a modded GT friggin R, no need to try and act cool, you already are cool! :) Sweet little vid though. Poor fitment on the hood, what up with that? I’m just jealous my bugeye is not as ballerdope as this GTR. Love the godzirras!

  15. Andres says:

    nice video could you give me the name of the song please?

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