WEBMINING> Street Drifting Canadians, Eh?

Drift Union‘s Shawn Browne and Logan Noël make a huge presence everywhere they go and you’re about to find out why. Their driving and style speak for themselves, so there’s no point in me trying to describe this awesome movie. With content from Canada to Southern California, this video is nothing short of amazing. Just know that if you like grassroots drifting, you will love this short film. End of story.

:: Justin Shreeve

For more Drift Union footage, visit Shawn Browne’s Vimeo page!
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12 Responses to “WEBMINING> Street Drifting Canadians, Eh?”

  1. Jover says:

    Bah, you beat me to it! I even had a draft saved. Good stuff Drift Union and Shawn Brown!

  2. boring says:

    didnt know badly dressed homeless people had cars

  3. femmefatale says:

    pure awesome!

    blur out those plates so the rcmp don’t come knocking on your door! happened to me once..

    - femme

  4. Justin Shreeve says:

    Shoot! Sorry, Jover! haha I didn’t see that!

  5. Yoshi Shindo says:

    Shawn and Logan are fucking awesome. <3 their cars!

  6. JDM Rob says:

    Nice video guys, lovin the fc and legacy, proper drift cars used and abused

  7. Edward Uche says:

    Shawn Browne FC gets my vote, brap brap!!

  8. Zach says:

    Nice vid guys! Good thing there are lots of Tim Hortons around to keep those Mounties busy. Love it that people are still having sessions on Cypress… maybe ill see you boys around town!

    -White S14

  9. qui$ says:

    that rx7 was bomb i like the twin boso’s
    fuck a sti that legacy is naztay

  10. e28 535iS brah says:

    thats it thats all is a good movie huh shawn? sweet vid tho keep it up

  11. nismokid_5 says:

    That video was certified dopeness…what’s the name of that last rock song you guys played it was sick

  12. Nice! Kind of reminds me of how me and my wife used to be.

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