VIDEO> Formula Drift on Long Beach Street Course

This is officially the first teaser video for Joe Ayala and my upcoming 2011 DVD. Don’t let the serious video fool you, this project is all about having fun, which is blatantly obvious in the TANDEM OF DIE logo. Shot by Joe Ayala, Will Roegge, and myself and edited by yours truly. Look forward to more awesome coverage from each round of the 2011 Formula Drift Series from MotorMavens and TANDEM OF DIE!

:: Justin Shreeve

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10 Responses to “VIDEO> Formula Drift on Long Beach Street Course”

  1. JMac says:

    Dude, the shot of Matt Powers going into slo-mo while the sky is sped up…mucho props. Well done!

  2. Pat Cyr says:

    Wow! That was a sick vid!!

  3. Mike Kim says:

    dude this trailer is epic of epic proportions!!

  4. Man this trailer is killing me… So SICK. When do we get more? I need it NOW!

    -Tokyo Jack

  5. Tim says:

    That was a fantastic trailer!

  6. sharkerio says:

    Really Dope edit Shreeve!

  7. Dan Cyr says:

    I’d like to note that my bro commented on this one and he NEEEEEVER comments on videos, not even mine.

    That’s a good sign, I think.

  8. Nice trailer, short and sweet. I love the clouds time lapse.

  9. jdjordan says:

    Awesome vid! ramped slomo is a good touch. a little skate video inspired?

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