VIDEO> Scenes from Formula Drift Atlanta

To be quite honest, Hotlanta Georgia isn’t always hot. Sometimes, it’s the skilled drivers and drunken spectators who raise the temperature through the metaphorical roof. As you patiently await the release of Joe Ayala and my 2011 DVD titled TANDEM OF DIE, take a gander at our teaser from Formula Drift Atlanta!

Also, if you’re wondering – The amazing new motion graphics bumper was created by the incredible Andy Sapp, whose floor I’m typing this on right now thanks to Joe and Linhbergh hogging all the couch space. Thank you for letting us crash at your place, Andy!

:: Justin Shreeve

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9 Responses to “VIDEO> Scenes from Formula Drift Atlanta”

  1. chaos1 says:

    i think i just came.

  2. Chris says:

    Damn guys, looks great. Tilt shift all day haha.

  3. Shreeve and Joe, your visuals are ALWAYS bad ass. What I want to know though… is in the tandem of die logo with unicorns intertwining their tails, which unicorn is SHREEVE and which one is JOE?

  4. JMac says:

    @Antonio- I think it’s safe to say that the darker unicorn is obviously Shreeve.

  5. Dan Cyr says:

    WHEEEE!!! Awesome! I’m sure you know which clip is my personal fave.
    And Shreeve and Ayala make for a super cute couple. :P

  6. Tilt shift look sooooooooo good, cant wait for the full vid.

  7. Lambert Paat says:

    ShreevAyallah! lol amazing vid x14986346

  8. Justin Shreeve says:

    I’m the white one, silly! haha So glad you guys like it. Thanks for the love, homies. <3

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