VIDEO> Mads Østberg at Rally Sørland Shakedown

Recently I’ve been checking out a lot of different videos; seeing what’s sick and what produced a dry, wheezing cough. I came across this one on ContourHD’s site. It features some truly inspired rally driving.

In the video, we ride along with Mads Østberg and his co-driver Jonas Andersson through Rally Sørland Shakedown in their Ford Fiesta S2000. To give you a little insight into the mad skills of these dudes, they beat Ken Block in the Swedish round of World Rally Championship and came second overall! And if you are wondering what the language is, it’s Swedish. By the way, my Swedish is a little rusty but I believe Jonas is actually reading Mads one of the Twilight books…..silly Swedes. LOL!

Pay close attention to the outside passenger POV footage. It gives you a great perspective of how close to the hills they get and how fast they are going! For more info:


::Travis Hodges

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6 Responses to “VIDEO> Mads Østberg at Rally Sørland Shakedown”

  1. Great find, Travis!

  2. Mike Kim says:

    that is some intense driving

  3. Alex says:

    Mads is currently sitting 6th in the WRC champtionship. Sayin he beat Ken Block isn’t saying all that much really.

  4. Anders says:

    Mads Østberg is Norwegian ;) Very cool to see this pop up on your site ;) and btw. Ken Block had never driven a rally on snow before when he got beat in sweden, something østberg has done practicaly every winter here in norway.

  5. @Alex: OUCH! Burnnnnnnnnn… haha.

  6. Michael Arnaldo says:

    DAMM! this guy looks like he’s just chillin. Amazing concentration!

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