VIDEO> JTP Schools Coomes on Drifting a V8

One of the advantages to building your race car at Portland Speed Industries is their ability to hook you up in ways you wouldn’t think possible – how about getting you a 40 acre parking lot, a pro driver and an entire fabrication/tuning staff on hand to help refine your skills and car set-up?

For many of you that don’t know Andrew Coomes, he is a young guy from the Northwest, making his way up the ranks in the drifting scene. He, like many successful race car drivers, has a family willing to support him, a group of friends that stays by his side and a race team that happens to know what their doing.

He has recently taken a first place finish at the Pro-Am round one in Monroe Washington. And is eagerly looking forward to the next battle, which soon could land him in a spot at Formula D.

Stay tuned to see how Andrew Coomes takes on PGP and Justin Pawlak’s next visit to Oregon in July.

Beirut – La Llorona
RJD2 – Under the Hammer (Instrumental)
Oasis – Wonderwall
edIT – If you CRUMP stand up

L Glass

Shot by Ryan Davis, Justin Shreeve, Joe Ayala, Sully Sullivan

:: Ryan Davis


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6 Responses to “VIDEO> JTP Schools Coomes on Drifting a V8”

  1. chaos1 says:


  2. Nick s. says:

    ANDrew man your gettin up there!keep it up bro!

  3. Driftsteppin says:

    Whats under the hood of that thing? Sounds like a supercharged V8.

  4. shayan says:

    those are my rims… lol

  5. petite pounder says:

    worst music evar.

  6. jin says:

    what kind of rear spoiler is on that 240?

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