VIDEO> Formula D Palm Beach with The Drift Posse

I called this last video  ”A Couple Days On Planet Jupiter.” Weird title, right? I picked it because really, it felt like we were on another planet for a weekend. Everything was completely different from any of our previous racing experiences, right down to the sand-floored pit area. Combine that with the hot weather, the hot ladies (of which there were many), and the otherworldly atmosphere of Formula Drift, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for a very foreign place to a bunch of Canadian drift junkies.

The track layout kind of reminded me of a local track from around here: flat, boring to shoot, and few angles. Still, lots of fun was had in Florida, and that’s the main part of what I wanted to show with this video. With FD Wall right around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for more coverage on real soon!!

::Dan Cyr

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7 Responses to “VIDEO> Formula D Palm Beach with The Drift Posse”

  1. Hechtspeed says:

    Gostei da musica no inicio (liked the music in the beginning).

    Cool vid, nice mix of all the cars at the event.

  2. JDM Rob says:

    Nice video, love pat cyr’s 86, looks so boro, ruff and ready, just the way i like my cars

  3. Awesome video! I did a video of my own with a mix of Drift and Gymkhana featuring different cars tearing down the track. Thought it was boring to shoot too but I’m happy with the way the video turned out!

  4. Jover says:

    Awesome video Dan!

  5. Dan Cyr says:

    Thanks for the comments fellas!

  6. JMac says:

    Good job as always Dan! Love it! I especially like 4:27 *run away run away!!!*

  7. Dan Cyr says:

    Thanks JMac! It’s funny too because I remember as Tuerck goes by and I see something is going on with Pfeiffer, I’m thinking, “Stay. Shoot.” And then he comes barrelling straight at me, and my tripod was right against the wall. “I’m poor! Save the camera!” was unfortunately the thought that took over. It was probably for the best. :P

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