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VIDEO> JustDrift/Ziptied All Star Bash Weekend 2011

I couldn’t make it to All Star Bash AGAIN this year, so I can’t offer much insight to the event. What I do know is that many shenanigans were had, with the usual fireworks and drinking. During the day, the 108 degree weather put a huge damper on the action, making the night drifting the “cool” thing to do. Apparently, everyone’s favorite Canadian drift team “Drift Union” took first place in the team tandem event, unfortunately without the help of Logan Noel, who had irreparable engine problems. SoCal’s Team Mulsanne aided in that victory, since Logan couldn’t drive. Team Animal Style of Northern California brought up the rear (no homo), while Team Foreskin squeezed in between.

Look forward to a full edit of Ziptied All Star Bash in the upcoming 2011 DVD from Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala!


Shot by:
Joe Ayala

Edit by:
Joe Ayala

:: Justin Shreeve

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5 Responses

  1. Castro castro

    Don’t forget it wasn’t just Drift Union winning the tandem.
    They teamed up with Mulsanne drift team from SoCal to take the title.
    The teal and purple.

  2. Justin Shreeve

    Jesse – Thanks, man! I knew it had something to do with sex or genitals. haha

    Castro – That’s right! I meant to say something about that. Was that Karl driving, or no? I don’t know those cars well enough to tell them apart.

  3. Castro Castro

    @ Shreeve’s Its Karl in that video, he has the RB missile and the other driver that stepped out due to car issues was Chuck.

    Cant Wait to get the whole Tandem Or Die video, stuff is looking so good.
    “Play All” button this time 😉 lol

  4. Justin Shreeve

    Thanks for the info, dude!

    This year’s editing machine will be able to facilitate a “Play All” button. haha You would not believe the headache that caused the last time around.

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