VIDEO> Formula Drift Visits the Pacific Northwest

MotorMavens | TANDEM OF DIE | Formula Drift Seattle from MotorMavens Dotcom on Vimeo.

Last weekend I experienced my third and greatest trip to Formula Drift Seattle. At this time two years ago, my ’09 Evergreen video graced the pages of MotorMavens and encouraged me to start shooting professional drifting on a larger scale.

In 2010, I visited five rounds of Formula Drift, not being able to afford travel to Jersey or Sonoma. This year, I’ve found my way to all of the stops and have made many friends during my travels. Each season, Evergreen Speedway proves to be the most enjoyable venue. Not because of the insane speeds, close tandems, or wall scraping carnage, but because of the numerous friends and acquaintances who make me feel at home in the Pacific Northwest. From the on-track barbecues, to the after hours house parties, Seattle Washington has a ton to offer. If you make one trip to Formula Drift in 2012, make it Evergreen Speedway.

:: Justin Shreeve

Look forward to a full edit of Formula Drift Seattle in the upcoming 2011 DVD from Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala!


Shot by:
Justin Shreeve
Joe Ayala

Edit/Color by:
Justin Shreeve

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6 Responses to “VIDEO> Formula Drift Visits the Pacific Northwest”

  1. Love the video, hate you guys for being so good at it :(

  2. I can’t believe you guys had enough time to actually film a video in between your tornado warnings, handstand competitions (where joe beat the girls) and Tandem of Bike spooning sessions. Good job guys!

  3. By the way, even though the video is super short, the IMAGERY blows away every other video I’ve seen. Outstanding!!!

  4. Lucas Perez says:


  5. Castro Castro says:

    “Ready for my close-up Mr Demille”

  6. md3030 says:

    matt powers said “fuck that go-pro”

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