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OH SNAP> Lucas Perez’s AE86 Photo Flashback

Happy Hachi Roku Day!

Its no secret that the MotorMavens Crew are huge fans of the Toyota Corolla AE86, and a bunch of us even own them. So I thought I would share one of my favorite pictures of my car from about 4 years ago. Lots has changed since then but this phase of the car is still one of my favorites. The raw street driven style is what I loved about it.

Well I’m off to go to a wedding now, an old 86 buddy is getting hitched on 8-6 day! He will probably never forget his anniversary (at least he better not)!

:: Lucas Perez

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5 Responses

  1. Nick from New Zealand

    Haha they say the best way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget it once! I guess this is a pretty close second!

  2. My cousin got married on 8-6 day. I put a big “86” on his window and “Just ///Married” on his window since he drives an e36 M3. haha Diggin your AE86 Lucas!

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