VIDEO> Team Yellow in Norway Never Stops

It’s official. Team Yellow is the most awesome grassroots team there is. With at least eight running/driving/drifting/awesome cars at any one time, drivers from all over Scandinavia, and several tracks to lay down ridiculous amounts of smoke, these guys get sh!t done. They’ve got an SR powered AE86, and all their other cars are 2JZ powered. There’s never a dull moment with Team Yellow. Huge thanks to Lars and Dag Harlem for inviting Joe and I over multiple times and even allowing us to drive their 1JZ MarkII. We heart Team Yellow. :)

Expect more Team Yellow coverage from MotorMavens in 2012!

:: Justin Shreeve

Look forward to more Gatebil and Team Yellow in the upcoming 2011 DVD from Justin Shreeve and Joe Ayala!


Shot by:
Justin Shreeve
Joe Ayala

Edit/Color by:
Justin Shreeve

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5 Responses to “VIDEO> Team Yellow in Norway Never Stops”

  1. Jonathan McWhorter says:

    Great job guys! Like always, exceptional video.

  2. sharkerio says:

    Dope video!
    The team looks good – their set up is awesome

  3. Lars Harlem says:

    Thanks for those kind words Justin, hopefully 2012 will be even better :)

  4. CrystalBody Yokohama says:

    SICK VIDEO Shreeve and Ayala!!! Top notch eye for shooting, and outstanding editing skills. You guys are the best.

  5. Shane says:

    VERY cool video! I love the vids you guys post… help me work toward my dreams! Here is one of my favorite videos and I wanted to share it! I think it is DEF worth posting on the main page!!!

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