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VIDEO> Liberty Walk : Lamborghinis in Japan

If you’ve never heard of Liberty Walk from Japan, you’d better watch this video immediately. The very first time I ever saw anything on Liberty Walk printed in a US-based publication was in a feature printed in Heavy Hitters Magazine. It immediately caught my attention – not just because of all the exotic Italian cars being driven through the streets of Japan, but also because it told the story of a shop owner who built his business from the ground up, buying and selling cars until he could afford his very first exotic. The story of Liberty Walk is truly inspiring; it is literally a story of rags to riches!

This video from Luke Huxham in Japan is just a small glimpse into what Liberty Walk has to offer. I just LOVE the snippets of Bosozoku street culture mixed in with high end exotics. Think about it… the two genres of car building definitely DO go hand in hand!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. Luis

    i saw the article in HH mag as well, he has some awesome cars and style. great looking shop too, just one of the many auto shops i would like to visit if i ever end up on that side of the pond.

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