OH SNAP> Garage Autohero Datsun 510 Snowed In

Garage Autohero Datsun 510 turbo turbocharged Ray Stonehocker Watanabe Yoshi Shindo rusty snow Nissan Bluebird

This past week, the Pacific Northwest experienced a snow storm which left thousands without power. I was even stranded at home for a little while! I can’t even remember the last time Washington got so much snow! However, as I pondered the situation more, I realized that this could be one of those “lemons into lemonade” moments (or, is that “ice into ice cream“).

There were all sorts of things I could be doing – anything from snow drifting to catching up on a few projects to…snatching some photo opportunities! After walking outside and noticing Ray Stonehocker’s Garage Autohero Datsun 510 under a huge blanket of snow, I knew what I would be doing. I couldn’t miss this opportunity!

Garage Autohero Datsun 510 turbo Z18ET

If you’re not familiar with Ray’s Datsun 510, (check out his feature that I did awhile back by clicking here). Take a moment to read about the build and see why it’s still one of my favorite 510s and why I’m still a huge fan of the rat rod approach that Ray took to build her. This weather will only add to her patina and build “character” – just as being out in this weather shooting pics is adding to mine! I hope you MotorMavens readers are somewhere warm and toasty dreaming of all the automotive goodness ahead this Spring. I’m sure I’ll be all thawed out by then!

::Yoshi Shindo

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One Response to “OH SNAP> Garage Autohero Datsun 510 Snowed In”

  1. jeremy says:

    still maintain this and tgay’s 510 are the most fun to look at under the hood. so much work and so much awesome!!

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