VIDEO> Violent Drifting At Ebisu w/ Naoto Suenaga

RPS13 180SX Drifting Ebisu Circuit Naoto Suenaga

AMAZING!!! Check out violent high speed drifting at its best, from this helmet-cam video of D1 Grand Prix driver Naoto Suenaga from Team Orange in his missile – an RPS13 Nissan 180SX “battle car.” Most people know Ebisu for its legendary Minami Course (the famous South Course used in D1GP competition), but check out Naoto as he drifts the high-speed Higashi Course (East Course) at Ebisu Circuit in Fukushima Japan.

It’s almost hard to believe that this is the same Fukushima that was affected by the horrible tsunami, earthquakes, and nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011. We still continue praying for our close friends (more like family) in Japan, but man… it looks like Naoto is still having fun with his cars! I MISS EBISU CIRCUIT and TEAM ORANGE. I must return to Ebisu this year! Great video from my friend Alexi at Nori Yaro! Hope to see you all soon!

:: Antonio Alvendia

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5 Responses to “VIDEO> Violent Drifting At Ebisu w/ Naoto Suenaga”

  1. Mike Kim says:

    Man, that was intense…his reaction time to each corner is impeccable, I see where the origin of the sport came from and why we’re still years behind the drifting scene

  2. R.holt says:

    it takes real skills to slide an under powered car on a high speed track like that.

  3. @R.holt : hell yeah, you nailed it! Naoto is amazing… but of course, he makes sure he gets a ton of practice time! he actually moved from south japan all the way to fukushima (north east of tokyo) just so he could practice at ebisu all the time!

  4. RGracer says:

    THIS is why drifting culture in Japan is cooler than the drifting culture in the usa!

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