About Motor Mavens

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What is a Motor Maven?
If you were to search the pages of either the best selling book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell or any dictionary, you would find that a maven is a connoisseur – a trusted person who has specialized knowledge or expertise in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. Mavens are intensely passionate about gathering information and impressions, and as a result, are often the first to pick up on and report on new trends.

Though this definition is true, there is much more to being a maven than obtaining and passing on one’s knowledge or experience. True mavens are created by their passion for the subject matter; after all, relentless passion is the driving force behind the mastery of any subject or skill.

That passion is what drove us to create this site. All members of the Motor Mavens Crew have specialized knowledge in the specific fields of automotive interest that we’re passionate about, but our true goal is to seek out those who have more knowledge than we do or different types of expertise regarding particular topics. We are always looking to shine a light on mavens in the automotive industry and present their expertise on our website.

We look forward to all of the specialized knowledge and experience that you, our fellow Motor Mavens, bring to the table.

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