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WEBMINING> S13 Running Touge at Night!

For everyone who’s ever wondered why mountain racing in Japan has evolved from an illegal, underground activity into something that accidentally slipped into the “mainstream” via comic books, anime, movies, and more… you need to watch this video, which was sent to me by my friend Chihiro Yoshimura from PEAK, an all AE and KP chassis drift team from Kanagawa Japan.

The driver of this S13 Silvia is drifting through a mountain road with such little space to navigate and maneuver the car… it’s incredible! Now this is car control.

I can’t wait to get back to Japan.

:: Antonio Alvendia

WEBMINING> KP47 Works Starlet at Tsukuba

I got this awesome KP47 Toyota Starlet video link from Chihiro Yoshimura from AE/KP drift team Peak, from Kanagawa Japan. I absolutely LOVE the vintage racing footage of the old KPs…  in the video, where they actually feature the car though, I was a bit puzzled because the car’s sitting on Gotti wheels, which are Italian, not Japanese. I would imagine that a car like this would/should be running some sort of TRD wheels or RS Watanabes or SSRs. I don’t think those Gotti wheels were originally used on this particular car… maybe the owner of the car, Kuwahara Racing, just swapped them out at a later date. But for once, let’s stop talking about wheels.

The real star of the show is the HEART of the Starlet – the Toyota 3KR racing engine, designated 137E and prepared by Toyota Team Tom’s for circuit racing. I had to pause the video and rewind it several times so that I could get a better look at the really cool vintage parts used on this car. Most of these are what I like to call unobtainium… that is, you will never in your life find parts like this! Stuff like the vintage KP47 TRD parts, like the fiberglass hood and N2 flares, TRD rear wing, TRD high rise 3KR headers… should I go on?! (more…)