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VIDEO> Simply Clean & Stance in Orlando

Simply Clean from Bluemotion on Vimeo.

Back in January I covered the Simply Clean + Stance in Orlando event, which was completely awesome. I am saddened to here the next event may not be till November, sad face!! These guys need to do a rotating event every 4-5 months or so to help promote proper car building. B-swaps in CRX's with sunk wheels are 8 years ago people, change with the times, flush wheels and no drop don't count either! Anyway, the video is awesome and so is the sound track. Quan Vu at Bluemotion did an awesome job, and from the looks of it involved a Canon 5dii . Rock on man, for his first car meet video I am simply stunned. The song “more more more” is from the upcoming LP by Soy is Real, so if feel it is dope like I do, just watch the video over and over again. Lastly, BIG THANKS to Nickoli for giving us the first shout out at the end of the video. You know I will be at the next one!! If you want to view pictures of the cars that did not make it on the video and my coverage check out Nickoli's link. :: Scottie Scheetz