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VIDEO> All the Lovely People

I have driven at a lot of drift events, and after several years there is an aspect of them that becomes standard procedure. Anyone who has driven events is familiar with it. You wrench on the car late the night before, you wake up early with no sleep, you drift, you change some tires, you drift some more… you get the idea.

But the one side of drift events that never seems routine to me is the time spent with my friends. I always seem to remember who was at what event, and what funny stories and crazy antics went on in the pits. As the years pass by, I sometimes barely remember how fast I entered a corner, how well I ran the course, or even how close a tandem battle was. It is the time with my friends that leaves the lasting impression.

This collaboration between myself and Will Roegge is an attempt on my part to try and explore that side of drifting. The human element behind a sport where cars may come and go – but the camaraderie remains.

:: Andy Sapp