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COVERAGE> ALMS Last Lap At Laguna Seca

Racing today has become about closeness. Photo finishes, improved safety and lowered operating costs have made many sanctioning bodies look to spec racing, where all the cars are the same and the contest then becomes a driver vs. driver battle.

The major casualty in these forms of racing (ie: IndyCar, NASCAR, etc.) has been truth in engineering and innovation. There is not much you can do to innovate without breaking the rules - and being hung out to dry for it.

When the American LeMans Series (ALMS) came to the Monterey Coast at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, this theory was thrown to the dogs as multiple chassis, motor, and tire combinations had no hindrance on the level of competition. The four hour enduro proved to be an absolute slugfest. It looked far more like a 20 mile sprint as it proved one of the most closely contested, nail biting, bump-and-rub fests of sports cars and prototypes lapping the twisty, hilly 2.238 mile circuit in 1:13.948 while making insane 10,000 rpm noises.   Read more...

GALLERY> Gazoo LF-A & GT86 at Nürburgring 24H

Have you ever seen a Lexus LF-A take flight with all four wheels off the ground? As Gazoo Racing Lexus LF-A driver Akira Iida explains it, "The momentum of our team is very good. Our target for the 24 Hours Nürburgring race is to maintain a steady pace." As many Lexus and Toyota fans already know, the Gazoo Racing team did a lot better than just maintain a steady pace at The Green Hell - the Gazoo Lexus LFA team and the Toyota Swiss Racing GT86 team took top honors in their classes - SP8 and SP3 respectively.   Read more...

CARSPOTTING> Crashing A Vintage Porsche Event

There really is nothing like a vintage Porsche 911. Ever since the first time I was able to actually see and hear an actual 1970s Porsche 911 race car running through Nurburgring Nordschleife on my first trip to Germany, I've been lusting after a 911 of my own. Shortly thereafter, I was given the opportunity to visit the Porsche test track in Leipzig, Germany, where I got the chance to get up close and personal with an authentic 1973 911 Carrera RS, which was wheeled out from the Porsche Museum so I could take it out on the track! I really need at least one of these in my life.

Needless to say, I was beyond excited when I attended this gathering of Porsches in Woodland Hills, CA. There were several gorgeous cars from different model years in attendance, but none of the cars truly captured my attention like these retro race-themed 911s.   Read more...

COVERAGE> The Nürburgring 24Hour With Falken

Hello MotorMavens! A quick introduction before I tell you about our recent journey over to Germany. My name is Jordan Butters and I am Editor of

I was recently chatting with Antonio Alvendia about a trip I took to the Nürburgring on behalf of Falken Tyres Europe and the Team Falken UK drift team and he kindly allowed me to show you my shots and experience of the N24 Race here on MotorMavens.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Nurburgring Nordschleife Battle!

Yesterday I was talking to our web designer Andy Sapp on the phone about some MotorMavens site updates we’re planning, and the topic of driving events came up. Andy just got his driving fix handled this past weekend by bringing his E46 BMW drift car to the DMGGASD private event in Tennessee (videos to come soon!), but lately I’ve been trying to get some extra parts and money together so I can get my empty AE86 shell back together and take it to the track. I’m not talking about my AE86 street car; I’m referring to a completely virgin red AE86 hatchback rolling chassis that I’ve owned and had in storage for years. Well, it was a complete car until I stripped it and removed the engine and transmission (good job, dummy!), and it’s been sitting for wayyyyy too long so I need to re-assemble it.

So after we were talking, I began thinking about how I wanted to drive Nurburgring Nordschleife really bad when I visited the track for the first time last year… but I couldn’t because I was extremely busy with our two month, four country automotive photography mission, capturing content for Speedhunters when I was still working on building up the SH site with Mr. Chong from EA Games.

Doing a little webmining this morning, I found this really cool video from of a Dodge Viper battling it out with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS Cup at Nurburgring’s amazing Nordschleife course.

Which one would you rather drive? I’ve driven a few Dodge Vipers on the racetrack before, and I also got the opportunity to test drive a Porsche GT2 last year when I was at Porsche Leipzig. For me, the answer is the Porsche. No questions asked. However, I have some friends who are just huge fans of massive, front engined, big horsepower monsters like the Viper.

I wonder which car our readers would prefer? The raw power and brute force of the Viper? Or the aggressive finesse of a Porsche?

:: Antonio Alvendia