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COVERAGE> PGP Drifting Rain or Shine!

One of the greatest qualities residents of the Pacific Northwest possess is our general disregard for poor weather. Living in Portland, I often see people in T-shirts, riding their bicycles in the pouring rain. Last weekend, the same attitude could be seen as far North as Pacific Grand Prix in Kent, Washington, where the drivers and crowd poured in as heavily as the rain.   Read more...

WEBMINING> Balboni on the Gallardo LP 550-2

From this video on the new REAR WHEEL DRIVE Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2, we understand what Lamborghini’s legendary former test driver Valentino Balboni meant when he told us last week, “It’s a beautiful life behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.” ┬áBalboni said he didn’t even know the rear-driver was in the cards when the company’s engineers started requesting sessions with him, where they would ask him to describe in detail how iconic Lamborghinis like the Countach and Miura handled. Amazing.

::Jeff Yip