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COVERAGE> FixxFest 6 Euro Meet in FL

For my first post on MotorMavens, I hope I can entertain you. My name is Scottie Scheetz and I have only recently become a Florida resident. I grew up in Northern Virginia, just a few miles south of D.C. Cars have always been in my life, as I am one who only looks to shops for alignments and welding work (for now, but I will remedy that shortly). I frequently enjoy taking my car apart just to give me something to do when I am bored. One thing I am passionate about is drifting. I have been following it since 2000-2001, and I absolutely love how it has grown. Many late nights and exam study times were spent watching drift videos on any sites I can find.

That's enough about me... Let's talk about the car scene in Florida. Before moving here, I heard lots of talk about Florida having a terrible car scene. I must say, since I relocated to this amazingly warm state, I'd have to disagree with that completely. My view point has completely changed. There is quite a large scene for car enthusiasts that are into Hondas, VWs, Toyotas, Nissans, etc. There are car events every weekend, from huge blowouts to smaller 60 car beach meets. I legitimately mean every weekend something is going on.   Read more...

CARSPOTTING> USP S4 Turbo: The Fastest Audi in America

For those who are unfamiliar with the high performance "street car" builds on the East Coast vs the West Coast, we thought we'd chime in with some of our observations. From what we've seen, the West Coast car builders tend to build flashier cars with an emphasis on style and automotive fashion in a sense; whereas, the East Coast car builders tend to focus their efforts on building cars that look a bit more simple on the exterior, with modifications that a normal passerby might not notice at first glance.

However, don't let the purposefully plain jane outer skins fool you - East Coast gearheads are all about going fast. Their whole intent is on building sleepers - these guys build cars that only look mildly modified on the outside, but if you ever try to step to them on a highway or even a stoplight, they will make your shiny "chick magnet" feel as slow as your girlfriend's first car in no time flat.   Read more...