March 31, 2010

CARSPOTTING> The Tale of a Three Rotor RX7

Early Saturday morning I awoke to a dreadful overcast sky. Getting on the horn I spoke with David H, the owner of this magnificent beast to discuss our course of action. Sadly, Florida gave us what it is known for, rain and a whole lot of it. Myself and a friend (who happened to let me stay at his house all weekend) met with David at Panera Bread, in hopes to kill time so the rain would end. It did not stop till late afternoon so we started a two minute scramble with dismal skies and a light rain mist. Even with the weather in doom and gloom mode this car was still simply stunning. Driving to our location you could just see all the heads turning to watch as we weaved through traffic. Now, David's story starts back in the yesteryear of 1994. If you are assuming he is the original owner of this black beauty then you are correct. He took it right off the showroom floor, being the only owner he actually knows what his car has been through. Want me to blow your mind? The paint with the exception of the Pettit rear flares and 99 spec front end is original as well. (How about them apples)