Scottie Scheetz

CARSPOTTING> The Tale of a Three Rotor RX7

Early Saturday morning I awoke to a dreadful overcast sky. Getting on the horn I spoke with David H, the owner of this magnificent beast to discuss our course of action. Sadly, Florida gave us what it is known for, rain and a whole lot of it. Myself and a friend (who happened to let me stay at his house all weekend) met with David at Panera Bread, in hopes to kill time so the rain would end. It did not stop till late afternoon so we started a two minute scramble with dismal skies and a light rain mist. Even with the weather in doom and gloom mode this car was still simply stunning. Driving to our location you could just see all the heads turning to watch as we weaved through traffic. Now, David's story starts back in the yesteryear of 1994. If you are assuming he is the original owner of this black beauty then you are correct. He took it right off the showroom floor, being the only owner he actually knows what his car has been through. Want me to blow your mind? The paint with the exception of the Pettit rear flares and 99 spec front end is original as well. (How about them apples)

VIDEO> Simply Clean & Stance in Orlando

Simply Clean from Bluemotion on Vimeo.

Back in January I covered the Simply Clean + Stance in Orlando event, which was completely awesome. I am saddened to here the next event may not be till November, sad face!! These guys need to do a rotating event every 4-5 months or so to help promote proper car building. B-swaps in CRX's with sunk wheels are 8 years ago people, change with the times, flush wheels and no drop don't count either! Anyway, the video is awesome and so is the sound track. Quan Vu at Bluemotion did an awesome job, and from the looks of it involved a Canon 5dii . Rock on man, for his first car meet video I am simply stunned. The song “more more more” is from the upcoming LP by Soy is Real, so if feel it is dope like I do, just watch the video over and over again. Lastly, BIG THANKS to Nickoli for giving us the first shout out at the end of the video. You know I will be at the next one!! If you want to view pictures of the cars that did not make it on the video and my coverage check out Nickoli's link. :: Scottie Scheetz

WEBMINING> Wagenwerks and DubKorps AWOL Teaser

Ok, first off I realized something in the new year. Just because I have seen a video does not mean everyone else has. So, my New Years resolution will be to pass on video links to every bad ass video I have seen. So, I bring you a Wagenwerks and DubKorps video from 3 months back. This was the first time I had heard of DubKorps, so you Euro guys hold your horses!! I am incredibly familiar with the Wagenwerks videos and the guys who make them. Hey! They are from my home state of Virginia! After watching this video I suggest you check out their website (their DVD is beast by the way) then hop on their vimeo channel and watch everything you have not seen. These guys produce legit videos. Their film and editing style are top notch in my opinion. If anyone actually could muster up the ability to claim their videos suck and back it up with a proper argument, send them my way! I have a knuckle sandwich my mom made me a few years ago that has been waiting to be gobbled up. HAHA!!! And one more thing. You the reader will start to learn something about me. I do not stick to one car scene, I love them all (in a manly kind of way). While I do have passions residing in rotaries, I follow the Euro, Honda, Toyota, etc scenes just as much. I even ride a fixed gear bike, (that would be a fixie for those of you want to call it that!) Bet you would never have guessed that! (In case you are wondering: First song: Hollywood Undead_ City , Second song: Innerpartysystem_ Don't Stop ) Both of which are amazing bands. :: Scottie Scheetz