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Most people guess wrong when they try to identify these wheels. Nope, they aren’t Advans. You’re well learned and sophisticated though, so you already knew that, right? Right??? Weds MK-1 Monoblock wheels are a bit rare in the realm of vintage Japanese kyusha wheels.

Feast your eyes upon the monoblock Weds MK-1, a wheel that is rare enough that it often times still needs an introduction to aficionados of vintage Japanese automotive culture. Its iconic tri-spoke design, radiating both elegance and aggression, has graced some of the most legendary machines to ever roll off the assembly line. Buckle up, JDM gearheads, because we’re about to delve into the history of this emperor of the Japanese monoblock realm, and the story of how they came into my possession.

Born in the Golden Age

Weds Wheels was founded in the 1960s as Nippo LTD, originally producing OEM wheels for Nissan Motor Company. In 1969, Weds entered the aftermarket wheel industry as a supplier of the now defunct but revolutionary “Elster” series of wheels, which at that time, led the way in replacing factory-standard wheels with custom alternatives.

The company was renamed in 1973 to WEDS, short for World Elster Distribution System, and in 1977 Weds made an impression on the Japanese wheel industry with the launch of “RACINGFORG,” Japan’s first aluminum forged 3-piece wheels, designed exclusively for competition use.

eds Sport GT300 Lexus IS350 Super GT Suzuka Racing Project Bandoh Advan IMG_4435

In the early 1980s, Japan’s car scene was booming, fueled by technological advancements and a burgeoning tuning scene. In 1984 Weds created the WedsSport brand of wheels to compete in various motorsport events, famously entering the JGTC (Japanese Grand Touring Championship) series in 1998 with the team Racing Project Bandoh. Their partnership still continues today in the Super GT series – above is a photo I shot of the WedsSport/Racing Project Bandoh team pushing their GT300 Lexus IS350 back into the pit garages at the 2008 Super GT race at Suzuka Circuit.

As an up and coming wheel manufacturer, Weds Wheels saw an opportunity to make their mark. They crafted their Weds MK-1, a 1-piece cast masterpiece with aggressive look and strength (it’s also a little heavy compared to 3pc SSRs, but that would be obvious. Its 3-spoke design oozed 1980s sophistication with a hint of a motorsport edge. The MK-1 found favor among racers and tuners alike, as its stunning looks turned heads both on and off the track. It adorned everything from slammed Mazdas to classic Skylines, fitting well into the bosozoku and kyusha-kai scenes. The MK-1 wasn’t just a wheel; it was a statement, a badge of honor for those who understood its pedigree.

Although I’ve been buying classic Japanese wheels and car parts for my collection for over twenty years now (jeez, I’m old), I never really noticed these Weds in old magazines like J’s Tipo, Autoworks, Nostalgic Hero, Retrocar, Q-Power, and the like. This being said, my attention always veered towards deep concave RS Watanabe Type R wheels, classic 3-piece SSR, Hayashi, and Work wheels.

khaled ae86 image_6483441

However, one day as I was endlessly doomscrolling through Facebook, I happened to notice a guy named Khaled Demello from Northern California posting his set of these wheels on his AE86. I took one look at the rear wheels, and my eyes bulged out, like “daaaamn look at those fat lips!!!”

The front wheels had pretty deep looking outer lips too, but it looked like the wheels weren’t too wide, from the balloony look of the tire and the lack of stretch. It turns out the front wheels were only 14x7j +0  (no wonder), but the rear wheels were 14x8j with a -15 offset… and they looked just ridiculous!!!

Weds Mk-1 Wheels IMG_2835


The lips on the 8J pair were soooo deep that if you looked at the wheels from a certain angle, the face would just completely disappear. Amazing.

Anyway, I had to have those rears! (I figured these wheels would be a really cool looking mismatch when paired with my Work Equip 01 Monoblock wheels. Anyway, I began talking to Khaled on FB, and as luck would have it, he was down to sell them.

I wanted to scoop them up before any Norcal AE86ers had the chance to buy them, so I enlisted the help of my friend Karlo Belarmino at HRSPWR Industries. Luckily, Karlo actually knew Khaled, and he was able to take delivery of the wheels for me, and hold them for me for several months before I could get someone to bring them to me in Las Vegas. (Thank you Karlo!)

Weds Mk-1 Tri spoke monoblock wheels AE86

For almost a year, I was dreaming about mirror polishing the wheels and pairing them up with my Work Equips, until I noticed another AE86 on Facebook that happened to have the exact same wheels! What the hell?!

Weds Mk-1 Tri spoke monoblock wheels AE86

The AE86er was Dan Moore (in KANSAS for crying out loud – not exactly the place you think of when you think of modified AE86s), and he had the same wheels in the exact same sizes (14x7j +0 and 14x8j -15) on his AE86 coupe.

Well, I befriended Dan and began talking to him about his car builds and asked about his wheels… and after some time, he told me he’d be down to sell them to me if I wanted them. (YESSSS! Thank you Dan!) Those that know me well already know my steez. I had a plan!

Weds Mk-1 3 spoke wheels Cipher Garage AE86

I decided to buy Dan’s wheels, so I ended up with TWO SETS of these rare Weds Mk-1 wheels in my garage. Laying them all out on my driveway just so I could look at them and take pics was pretty fun. Haha! I haven’t taken them to get refinished yet – more on this later!

Anyway, I don’t have a need for 14x7J wheels, so even though the lips looked crazy fat, I decided to put them up for sale. The 7J set ended up being bought by a young guy with an FB Mazda RX7, so I’d be excited to bump into that guy again to see how they will look on his car! (I should have linked up with him on Instagram so I could see how the wheels looked on his car.)

Weds Mk-1 Tri spoke wheels 2

Nowadays, these vintage Weds MK-1s are prized possessions, meticulously restored and showcased on cherished classics by collectors worldwide. (The wheels above and in the cover image were restored by wheel experts Barrel Bros in Sydney Australia.)

The classic look of the Weds MK-1 transcends generations. It’s a symbol of an era when performance and elegance were intertwined, a testament to Japanese engineering prowess, and a reminder of the enduring love for automotive classics.

Weds Mk-1 Tri spoke wheels 1

Whether gracing a, SA22C Mazda Savanna or a Nissan Sunny truck, the MK-1 continues to turn heads and ignite the passion for Japanese car culture. So, the next time you spot a set of Weds MK-1 wheels, remember – you’re not just looking at a wheel; you’re witnessing a legacy, a timeless design that continues to inspire passion and appreciation for over three decades. And who knows, maybe it will inspire you to find a set of these wheels to create your own automotive masterpiece, one that carries the torch of the MK-1 forward.

:: Antonio Alvendia

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