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NEWSWORTHY> DC x Ken Block Gymkhana Video 2 is up!

It seems that everybody has been talking and Twittering about the much anticipated release of DC Shoes Founder/rally driver extraordinaire Ken Block‘s new “Gymkhana 2” video.

We just wanted to show everyone this link – it’s finally up! Ken Block shows us all how hard he rips it in his new Subaru Impreza WRX STi! Instead of having members of his DC Snowboard team grind off of his carbon fiber WRC Impreza wing, Ken decided to inject a little bit of Hollywood into his newest viral video – aside from having a cameo appearance by Rob Dyrdek (DC skater, star of MTV’s Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory), it’s complete with explosions, crash test dummies, cool near misses with big rigs, cranes, pylons, and umm… he also comes really close to driving his car right off the dock, right into the water.

We wonder when he’s gonna take some time out of his already busy schedule (and full Rally America season) to compete in the Formula Drift series..? What do you guys think? Would you rather watch Ken Block at rally events or at drifting events?

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19 Responses

  1. pat

    That video was crazy the drifting sideways out of the door the trailer exploding that video was crazy

  2. anakin

    DAYYUUUMMM! That was Hot! That shot drifting out of the warehouse around to the edge of the dock and ALMOST slipping off the edge…

  3. PhotoPro

    Outstanding driving, but the video was just “okay.” They should have hired Will Roegge to shoot the video, then it would have looked higher end.

  4. Ian J. Brown

    even more badass than his first gymkhana video. i also enjoyed dyrdek’s cameo. haha.

  5. Chris

    you guys know that this thing wasn’t shot in just one take right? it’s scripted, like a movie. watch close – there’s no way he did this in just one take. he’s no samuel hubinette or rhys millen.

  6. herbrockone

    DC one of my favorite skate kicks of all time, even when they were just DROORS so when the man who created is now a rally head I try to pay attn when I can. I enjoyed the 1st video and that was pretty dope. This one was also pretty dope although the editing makes him look more insane. Definitely he’s upped his game with skill and handling makes awd drifting look alot easier. The video is more artistic and definitely well produced. The location with the docks and explosion deserves some rad points. His car looks pretty dope and sounds super healthy. thanks for posting.
    I’d rock those kicks!

  7. Igor

    i liked the lightbulb part. im not impressed with rob dyrdek so i didnt care for the paintball stuff though.

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