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OH SNAP> Insert Your… Caption Here

Carinna Suicide Girls Check oil Mobil 1

Hey everyone! Right now we have a little Motor Maven maintenance to do. Not just on the website, but we also have to work on putting things together for the next four (yes, I said FOUR) events we’re doing in the next three weeks. It’s gonna be more and more and more and more hectic in the coming months – especially hard to juggle all this stuff to do.

This being said, I thought it would be cool to throw this one out there for our readers… What do YOU think would be the best caption for this photo? (Let’s try to keep it clean, fellas!) I wanna see who our most witty readers are!

If you saw a scene like this on the side of the road, I wonder how many of you would stop to spit some game at this girl?

:: Antonio Alvendia

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  1. Lambert Paat

    She looks a little frustrated so I think a good caption would be “I need something with more power and wouldn’t take breaks on me” hahahaha shit I dunno.

  2. Meh…not too sure, since it takes me a while with cutlines…but this comes to mind:
    “Beauty meets brawn – Carrina under the hood of her ’68 Chevrolet Malibu”

  3. Looks like the Daisy Duke of the 21st Century. “Go get ’em Duke boys!”

    “You’re unda arrest fer operatin’ a race-type vehicle in city limits”
    Sherrif Roscoe P Cultrain

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  5. deadpirate

    hell yea i would stop, prolly all gangster like to,
    rip ebrake, turn wheel, step on gas. finish 180 all sick like

  6. @Randy from Bisimoto: You’re hilarious! That was pretty dope, gotta give you ur props!

    @Ross from DeadPirateProd: Dude, but when you rip the ebrake, turn the wheel and step on the gas, it’s likely you would slide outta control, smashing into her car, and then she’s gonna hate you! #FAIL lol

    @om1kron: The link is on our http://motormavens.tumblr.com page. Not gonna lie. LOL I love how you said “showin the groceries” I’m gonna use that TOMORROW at IDRC! hahahahahahaha hope to see u there dude

    @Jim: LOL why do I get the feeling that someone actually said that to you? hahah

  7. @Antonio:

    LOL man, trust me Ive got some better ones! Thats one that I drop if Im buzzing fairly well and a girl is way out of my league!

    @Antonio & Omnikron:

    Im gonna start dropping that on the ladies, I can already see it. MUAHAHAHAHA

  8. H Young

    Safety first! Besides no loose clothing when working on cars, take care of your loose hair also before it gets caught by the engine fan or your scalp is going to be history.

  9. One of my thoughts would be,

    “Well, I hope my ass looks alright at least…” *Sigh*

    Oh, and Antonio? If you start shooting girls on a regular basis I BETTER be getting a call! 😉 Hook a girl up here, haha. (And let me be a Motormavens girl at FD Seattle next year, pretty please?? 😉 <3<3<3)

  10. D1RGE.EXE

    LMFAO@ kenneth


    “ummm miss?….lean a little closer and you can see it….little more…..YESSSSSsssSSssSSSsss finished….

    Got a rag?”

  11. brandon scarpelli

    You said to keep it clean and only dirty thoughts come to mind. Therefore I’ll just keep my mouth shut. How about taking advantage of all the girls who wanna be part of MotorMavens and supplying more material like this! After all, you have only gotten 40+ comments on this post. Just sayin…

  12. Antonio: Nope, sadly. I would dream to be that lucky… Haha. I’m a newbie model, the car girl wanting to be a car girl and model.

    Maggie’s more of my modeling moniker, you did meet me at Formula D in Seattle this year. I’m not much to remember, so… 😛 (Shortie with tattoos, if that helps.)

  13. Well. Her pants couldnt handle those legs and ripped themselves off. And now it looks like her shirt is trying to come off too. Looks like most the work is already done!!

    “every engine needs a little love, the way your handlin it this one should be good to go soon, now the body deserves some attention” (;

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