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OH SNAP> Antonio + Bugatti Veyron= Ticket

The night before we left for Formula D Las Vegas, we were invited out to a bar in Old Town Pasadena with some friends, for a private party hosted by Rolls Royce Beverly Hills. There were many high end cars parked outside, but none captured our attention like this gorgeous Bugatti Veyron.

We would have taken more photos of it, but as Antonio walked around the car, he was given a ridiculous “jaywalking” ticket from Officer Riehl (Serial #7454) from the Pasadena Police Department. Seriously? Are you kidding me? We didn’t see him jaywalk. He didn’t even cross the street! Antonio was simply walking around the car, and there are tons of witnesses who can attest to that. However, in Old Town Pasadena, the cops are apparently “always right” and this ticket will have to be fought in court.

What a waste of time. Thanks for nothing Pasadena PD.

:: MotorMavens

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16 Responses

  1. Hahaha, wow!! That is unbelievable. They have to protect the Urban Outfitters crowd from suspicious people like Antonio. Oh well, that shot is still money!

  2. Wes

    I was there, saw the whole damn thing, Cop was definitely on a power trip, I say fight it til the end!

  3. Rich

    That sucks man!! Who in the world could avoid checking out a ride as phat as this?? Sorry to hear, but the one photo speaks a thousand words itself!

  4. robert

    thats the same guy that pulled me and my friend over!!!!!!!!!

    we were on our way to wokcanos and we are on i think it was colorado, anyways my friend has a modified car… and he is doing the speed limit and we go ahead and make a right, and then turn again to get onto the next street. well… little did we know, we were getting follow and then bam!!! red and blue lights filled the rear window.

    everyone in the car is like WTF is going on??? this is retarded you werent even speeding or anything.

    then the guy comes up to the window and was like… TRYING TO RUN FROM ME I SEE!!! and my friend looked at him like wtf? and said “im not even from around here, and i didnt even know you were following me till you turned your lights on” then he says “yeah whatever… license and registration please” and then takes it back to his car… meanwhile we sit for about a good 45 minutes waiting for this guy… then another cop shows up and we just go WTF is going on here???

    little did we know… my friend actually had a suspended license for not paying his stop sign ticket and well he actually did pay it 2 days ago but had not gone to the dmv yet to show proof to reinstate his license.

    then officer then goes and tells him to step out of the car, and then reads him his rights and then cuffs him and puts him in the back of the car….

    then after about 10 minutes of him chatting with his buddy they come back to the car and tell us each to come out of the car with our hands in clear sight and to not make any sudden movements, and then he says that he can legally breathalize us and that we need to confess now if we have any drugs or alcohol on us or in the vehicle otherwise he cannot help us at all.

    he then searches us one by one and then on top of that searches the whole damn car!!! and makes a remark that its gonna be impounded for 30 days anyways, he can search whatever he wants in there.

    finally after about another 15 minutes he lets us go and then takes my friend to jail.

    FUCKED UP!!!

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