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VIDEO> Honda Civic EF Wagon Attack 2

This morning, I received a phone call from DSPORT Magazine’s Tobin Honda… “Yo. Did you get my email?” “What email?” “Dude. I sent you a video via email a couple minutes ago. I think you’ll dig it. You’ll love the production value. Shit is on point.”

I gotta admit. I was super busy handling other things today, so I was slippin big time. I just checked the email right now, and it’s already past 4:00pm. But damn, I gotta say, Tobin’s right. I love this video. Pretty damn impressive. From “the wagon” to the driving to the POV and dolly shots used in this video!

The guys who created this film get mad respect from me. Outstanding work, gentlemen. And Tobin, good lookin out for sending this to me. Sorry it took so long to post!

MotorMavens got our shine in 2009 and we’re doin it again in 2010!


::Antonio Alvendia

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  2. nismokid_5

    You know a video’s good when it makes a Civic hater jealous. Let this be n=known to the public: NISMOKID HATES CIVICS. I hate Civics so much because where I live, not only does everyone know next to nothing about the Hellaflush movement, but everyone has a Civic that would easily crack the HellaFAIL scale anyday. But since finding out that Civic Wagons come in 4wd, well……WANT. Instant WANT. 4wd Civic FTW!!!!

  3. I secretly enjoyed this video. Definitely some work put on the production. Plus I loved how the wagon showed more than it’s daily commuter side, and revealed a much more fun and playful side. Definitely beats the hell out of 735 bucks a month on a new car.

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