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WEBMINING> The Golden Days of RAC Rally

Ever since I was a little kid rallying has been one of my favourite motorsports, and even though I grew up through the Tommi Makinen era, I’ve always loved watching the 70’s and 80’s periods of rallying, the cars just seemed so much more alive and raw back then (especially the Group B cars), and this video from the 1977 Lombard RAC Rally definitely captures that. Its 10 minutes and 26 seconds of pure footage. No music, no slow mo, just some amazing sounding engines and very talented drivers.

So turn up the volume and enjoy

:: Daniel Bridle

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  1. ra21benj

    Great video! Just the sound of the engine is all that’s needed. From the video, the Mk2 Escorts had good handling balance. Better than the Celica’s and I’m a huge first gen Celica fan.

  2. .: jover :.

    This is definitely a saved favorite for me. These are the glory days of rally racing where machines were basic and rugged, and yes…RAW indeed.

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