FORUM> KoyoRad Build Thread Contest Winner

drifting david bellomo s14 1JZGTE vvti koyo radiator contest winner

We have a winner for our January #MOTORMAVENSBUILD Contest presented by KoyoRad Racing! David Bellomo, a 21 year old Toyota Technician from Haymarket, Virginia is the owner and driver of this S14 240SX, which has a Toyota 1JZGTE VVTi engine swapped into it. Check out the Build Thread that David created on the MotorMavens forums! (more…)

FORUM> Twenty Four Hours of Nurburgring in HD

24 Hours Nurburgring ADAC Germany endurance road racing HD video

The legendary 24 Hours of Nurburgring – stunning and dramatic in HD, and this video is just amazing. I wish I could stream this video from the front page of our website, but the video’s owner has unfortunately disabled “video embedding.” It doesn’t matter. We still feel the need to share this amazing video with our readers!

Brilliantly shot and edited, this HD video of Nurburgring really shows us what it’s like to be at The Green Hell, while the famous 24H race is taking place in the German countryside. From the spectacular scenery to the hustle and bustle of race teams and machinery; anxious drivers battling each other through hundreds of corners in inclement weather… the visuals and editing of this video are just amazing. I especially love the clip at 1:56, with the 3 series BMW sliding into the rocks in slow motion… (more…)

FORUM> Justin Shreeve’s Slowest S13 Build Ever

Justin Shreeve MotorMavens S13 Silvia 240SX Medford OR Portland build thread

As I was looking through the MotorMavens Forum today, I noticed that our notorious video shooter from the Northwest, Justin Shreeve, has finally put up a build thread that talks about his S13 240SX! Shreeve’s story explains how it has taken him several years to build his car on a shoestring budget (and it’s still not finished) and how he built it up from a bone stock Grandma owned 240SX to the flat black tire shredder that it is today.

Take a minute and click through to Shreeve’s S13 story on the MotorMavens Forum, and leave the kid some comments! Better yet, post up photos of YOUR own car, and tell us YOUR story. After all, that’s what MotorMavens is all about! (more…)

FORUM> Angelo’s AE86 Corolla with Texas Swag

We call it 'webmining' for a reason - we slave away tirelessly in the dark and the heat. There's lots of dirt everywhere and our little canary to let us know when oxygen gets low. However, every now and then we'll come across a nice little gem like this.

While browsing through our forum's introduction section, a super clean AE86 Corolla from the great state of Texas stood out to me. In his thread, the owner, Angelo, quickly introduced himself and his car, which, in his own words, he "loves dearly and abuse like a red headed step child." Frankly, that's what I like to hear. Trailer queens aren't at all my thing.   Read more...

FORUM> There’s A Lada Lowered Cars in Russia!

Many of our devoted readers know that just before we held our very first MotorMavens car show (Mass Appeal) in December, our website was hacked and many areas of our website ceased to work. Ever since then, we've been working to find all the things that were broken on the site, and worked to put it back together during the time that we're not working our other jobs. Yes, it's true - most of the members of the MotorMavens Crew have other jobs to help in paying the bills; it's not like we have major funding from any big companies or anything like that. Everything you see on MotorMavens is the product of countless hours of sacrifice and hard work from each and every person in the MotorMavens family, whether they are listed as a contributor or not. We're just that passionate about cars; it's what we all think about every waking moment that we're working our other jobs.

We're happy to announce that the MotorMavens Forum is now up and running again! It has been completely restored to the functionality it had before the hack attacks happened! This being said, we'd like to invite everyone to join the community and register for the forums. Post up photos of your car builds, or photos from events you've been to... hell, you can even promote events you're going to attend, or post up cool videos that you've seen online!

While browsing through the forum the other day, I noticed a post from a forum member named Igor Belkin, from the city of Ufa in Russia. Igor posted up a bunch of photos of modified Russian cars on the forum! If you're unfamiliar with the Russian car brand Lada, we're not surprised! Many North Americans have never heard of Lada... probably because the cars are only sold (or mostly sold) in Russia!

Check out the Lada above, though! Bolt-on overfender flares, banded steel wheels (widened steelies), stretched tires, and a lowered stance! See anything familiar here? Yes, this is proof! As car enthusiasts, our passion for cars exists all over the world, and now we have even seen slammed, stretched, scraping cars in Russia! YES!   Read more...

FORUM> Happy Hachiroku Day! 8/6/2010

Happy Hachiroku Day, everyone! Right now I'm off on a family trip, so I've been away from the site pretty much all week, while Avon Bellamy and our other contributors run the site in my absence. I just wanted to point out though... that today is our favorite holiday of the year... HACHIROKU DAY, August 6th!

The very first time I heard the term "Hachiroku Day" coined was when my good friend, HerbrockOne from Cipher Garage called me up one morning and greeted me, "Hey man. Happy 8/6!" I just had to bust out laughing. I think this happened sometime in the late 1990s (damn, we're old)... but we are really crazy about our AE86s, and for some reason the number 86 just seems to jump out at us wherever we're at.

When we're ordering food or something, Herb and I always seem to get receipts that say "Order # 86" and once when I was at the airport, I've even had to board an airplane at Gate 86... hahahaha!!! I'm also pretty sure I'm not the only one who's stolen the number 86 "plastic table number" from Carl's Jr restaurants (at least, if you live in the United States).

I just wanted to alert everyone else that we've been starting up a thread in our MotorMavens Forum that includes pictures of everyone's favorite AE86s! Please add your own favorites to the thread, if you haven't done so already!   Read more...

FORUM> Shakotan RT52 Toyota Corona

1967 Toyota Corona

In case you guys haven’t noticed the new navigation tab at the top of our website, MotorMavens now has a forum! We know it’s been long overdue, and we’ve been wanting to create a section on our website where we could exchange photos, comments, personal stories and random funny stuff with our readers.

After all, we truly believe that it’s our awesome readers and the linking of all the different automotive communities that makes the Motor Mavens Movement so powerful.

Anyway, one of our readers/friends from Honolulu Hawaii, Kyusha Kai, just posted up some detailed photos of this AWESOME shakotan RT52 Toyota Corona on our forum! For those who might not know, shakotan is a Japanese term that refers to super low cars. (You can bet your bottom dollar that this is gonna be the next car industry “keyword” that people will start marketing and promoting with. Hmm…  if I had a dollar for everytime someone… ah, forget it.)

This four door Corona looks pretty awesome slammed. I see RT52s all the time at Toyotafest and events like that, but usually, they’re driven and owned by older people that are more interested in preserving the car’s originality. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for original vintage Toyotas! However, seeing a super clean, custom colored (dark brown metallic) Corona like this is like a breath of fresh air. (more…)