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FORUM> Twenty Four Hours of Nurburgring in HD

24 Hours Nurburgring ADAC Germany endurance road racing HD video

The legendary 24 Hours of Nurburgring – stunning and dramatic in HD, and this video is just amazing. I wish I could stream this video from the front page of our website, but the video’s owner has unfortunately disabled “video embedding.” It doesn’t matter. We still feel the need to share this amazing video with our readers!

Brilliantly shot and edited, this HD video of Nurburgring really shows us what it’s like to be at The Green Hell, while the famous 24H race is taking place in the German countryside. From the spectacular scenery to the hustle and bustle of race teams and machinery; anxious drivers battling each other through hundreds of corners in inclement weather… the visuals and editing of this video are just amazing. I especially love the clip at 1:56, with the 3 series BMW sliding into the rocks in slow motion…

WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! And when you’re finished watching it two or three times (like I did), post up your feedback on the MotorMavens ForumWhat was your favorite scene?

:: Antonio Alvendia

24 Hours of Nurburgring in the MotorMavens Forum

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  2. Chris Bautista

    Didn’t see the Gazoo LFA!! But my favorite part? All the Zurich logos all over the place. Why? Zurich is the European counterpart to Farmers Insurance who I work for so even more reason for me to follow the race hehe :)

    BTW for anybody playing Gran Turismo 5, in Gran Turismo television there’s a nice 2 part downloadable video of the 24 hours of Nurburgring, totalling 30 minutes and it follows Kazunori Yamauchi who actually gets to participate in the race along with 2 other drivers racing in a modified Lexus IS-F.

  3. DAMN! Good looking out Chris! MOST of all for letting us know about the downloadable video of the Nurburgring 24H, but also for letting us know what the heck Zurich was! I was wondering… haha

  4. Chris Bautista

    Yea man, at Farmers I see Zurich logos all over the place. I even have a water bottle with the Zurich logo on it among all the Farmers shit that’s on my desk. Trying to see if I can get some more Zurich swag. One of our lawyers is in Switzerland right now on a 1-year assignment – I should ask him to bring me back some stuff haha.

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