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WEBMINING> Dead Pirate at Irwindale

Formula D Irwindale Round 7 “Judgement Day” from Ross Fairfield on Vimeo.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the newest video from Formula D Irwindale, which was produced by Ross Fairfield from Dead Pirate Productions in conjunction with our friends at I think it’s the best work I’ve seen from Ross thus far, so props to him for continually working to step up his game. That’s what it’s all about… constant improvement and the never ending quest to seek out new angles and new ways to present the “same old subject.”

This video includes some great footage of all the familiar Formula D characters, plus some cameos from some less familiar faces, like our new Motor Maven from Seattle, Yoshi Shindo, at 4:39. Great job Ross – did you get some new equipment or what?

:: Antonio Alvendia

ARCHAEOLOGY> Ueo vs Taniguchi Video


For those who weren’t there, in celebration of August 6th “Hachiroku Day” that was made into a worldwide holiday by our friend HerbrockOne on Club4AG several years ago… we just thought we’d dig into the vaults for this one.

Were YOU there? We were. It was August 31, 2003. The legendary Battle for Irwindale… and the first inaugural D1 Grand Prix event on US soil. AE86 vs S15. Katsuhiro Ueo from Kyushu Japan vs Nobuteru Taniguchi from Hiroshima Japan.

The video footage may be old, but the memories from this night are vivid as ever, in our minds. What an epic event. Listen to the crowd in the video. I still get goosebumps on my neck. Being on top of the grand stands watching the cars run so close to each other. The videos we had all seen at our friends house were now real in front of us. This event was the first time the chant “One more time!” was screamed from the fans mouths cause we all were in such disbelief at how awesome each run was we just had to say wait a minute wait a minute “One more time” cause that was just too unbelievable.

Long live the AE86!

:: Steve Starr