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PERSPECTIVE> Ten Years Of Formula Drift Atlanta

This past weekend at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia, the Formula Drift Championship celebrated its Ten Year Anniversary. It's hard to believe that the sport of professional drifting has already been in existence in the United States for ten whole years! Crazy - it certainly doesn't feel like it's been ten years.

Over the past decade, there have been a ton of new faces in the traveling Formula D circus - new drivers, new photographers, new teams and sponsors, new models, and new fans. When the very first Formula Drift event was held at Road Atlanta back in 2004, drifting was very much new to the United States. Most people didn't even know what it was. Most of the drivers and teams were very grassroots in appearance; we certainly didn't see the big corporate event activations and sponsor logos that you find at Formula Drift events nowadays.

Many of the original drivers, models, and teams from the inaugural Formula Drift event in 2004 have moved on to pursue other things. However, there are still a few OG Formula Drift heads (like me) still around. Man, we're getting old!   Read more...

DRIVER SEAT> Testing The BF Goodrich Comp2

Those who have been following the @MOTORMAVENS feed on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter probably already know that I tested out the new BF Goodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 tire at California Speedway (Auto Club Speedway) this past week.

According to BFG, their new Comp2 tire promises drivers the ability to accelerate faster, corner harder, and brake in a shorter distance than their competitors. When asked exactly who they consider to be their competition for this class of tire, BFG pointed to Dunlop Direzza DZ101, Yokohama S-Drive, Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31, Cooper and Hankook Ventus V12 tires.   Read more...

COVERAGE> Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek 2010

Speed Week 2010, run by the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) at the Bonneville Salt Flats has come and gone. It's more than a week later and I've still got Salt on my Suby (and my brain). For reals, I washed out more white stuff from under my bugeye WRX today. The Salt gets EVERYWHERE! I love it! Salt Fevaaaaaaa!

As I was snapping (this is MotorMavens, these are photos!) of the activities, I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you guys on There are TONS of things going on at the Bonneville Salt Flats! There were over 500 vehicle pre-entries at Speed Week 2010 - plus over 100 hot rods roaming the salt! Amazing! My hope is that I give you a flavor for what you'll experience WHEN (not if) you guys and gals attend your first Speed Week.   Read more...

NEWSWORTHY> The Loss of an Icon: Shaun Carlson

By now, it’s no secret that Shaun Carlson, one of the true greats of import racing, passed away Sunday morning. We could go on and on about his achievements in the industry – he was a photographer and journalist; a great fabricator that built record breaking race cars; an entrepreneur that built his own company, Nuformz, around his passion for racing; a successful Sport Compact FWD racer who raced everything from Honda to Ford to Mopar – he even raced NHRA Pro Stock. And after all of that, he still found a place in the drifting community with Team Mopar.

These are all things that Shaun was known for, but Shaun was more than just that. More than anything else, Shaun was a truly great guy. He never let any of it go to his head. He was always giving his full 100% and he was always thankful for the opportunity to have a successful career doing what he loved. And he meant it.

Shaun was that guy. That guy who is serious about what he does, but never takes himself too seriously. That guy who works his butt off but still manages to give credit to all of the other people on his team who were also working their butts off behind the scenes. That guy who feels like a close friend from the moment you first meet him. That guy who turns people who think they’re going to dislike him into his best friends. An honest to goodness, really good guy. And guys like that are in really short supply.

So we here at Motor Mavens would first like to thank YOU, Shaun… Thank you for putting so much of yourself into this industry – your impact was felt and you will be sorely missed, because you were a truly great person. And we would also like to give our condolences and thanks to Shaun’s family and friends. Without all of the things that you guys poured into him, he would have had far less to pour into all of us. Thank you.

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