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RANDOM DOPE> 2014 Toyota Corolla Commercial

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COOL!!! Has anyone else noticed all the classic Toyotas used in the television commercial for the 2014 Toyota Corolla??? I got to see a sneak preview of this TV commercial a couple weeks ago when I was in San Diego for the 2014 Corolla’s Official Media Preview and Test Drive, and I’ve been excited to share it ever since! I’m sneaky, so I even shot a few undercover “on the downlow” videos of Toyota’s new TV commercial with my iPad Mini when they weren’t looking – just so I could show my friends!

As a person who has owned more than 40 vehicles in my lifetime and the current owner of 5 old school Corollas, I absolutely LOVED seeing the classic Toyota lineage honored in the new commercial for the 2014 Corolla. AND they included elements of funk, disco, and hip hop culture?! JUST MY STYLE. Ohhhhh what a feeling! I love what you do for me, Toyota. Let’s go places.

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: I wonder if anyone can name all the songs used in the commercial??? First person to name them correctly will win a pair of FREE Tickets to Formula Drift in Irwindale!

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16 Responses

  1. Justin Yamashiro

    Twenty Five Minutes by Edwin Starr
    Le Freak by Chic
    Rockit by Herbie Hancock
    Rusty Cage by Soundgarden
    Orion by Shy Kidx

  2. aj

    ‘Twenty Five Minutes’ by Edwin Starr ‘Le Freak’ by Chic ‘Rockit’ by Herbie Hancock ‘Rusty Cage’ by Soundgarden ‘Orion’ by Shy Kidx

  3. Justin Yamashiro and AJ: Since you guys both answered the question at the same time, I’ll give tickets to both of you! Can you pick them up at the SFV SocalValley86 Meet on Wednesday? OR the SocalEuro Meet this Saturday at Qualcomm?

    @Tracy: It’s a 1975 or 1976 Corolla. People usually refer to that as TE37 or TE31 chassis code. It looks like it’s a Deluxe trim, but I can’t see from here.

  4. @kyushakai: you’re right! it’s a japanese kouki bumper on the AE86 in the commercial. if they were going to use a car with japanese bumpers, i wish they used my car!

    if they wanted to use a car with USDM bumpers, they should have used Janet Fujimoto’s 1985 AE86 GTS coupe or Dennis David’s 1985 GTS hatchback. Those two cars are the best USDM ae86s around!

  5. AJ

    @antonio alvendia: is there a chance you will be somewhere closer to the inland empire area? haha SFV and SD is quite the drive. but if anything, i will do my best to make it to one of those events!

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  7. Justin Yamashiro

    Hey Antonio,
    I sadly won’t be able to make it down, so if anything set up another competition to give someone else the chance to go. Though I do have something to ask. Would it be possible to get a small 86 Fest care package as I sadly couldn’t make it there either. Thanks.

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