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WEBMINING> Driven to Type

While automotive culture may be an obsession of mine, typography and design lead the charge in my everyday infatuation. You can imagine my surprise when I came across this video; it was created by Toyota Belgium to showcase the new Toyota IQ. It blends driving, computers, and technology to output a cool typeface. When I first watched this, I thought there was no way they could make good type this way. Boy was I wrong! Take a look and see for yourself. This kind of experimentation in driving and typography is something I would LOVE to see more of!

Photos from the project can be found on Flickr by clicking here.

:: Andy Sapp

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  1. Peter of A.

    Hella sweet ! I downloaded it !
    It’s kinda reminding me the Z4 advert.
    BTW, it’s a Belgian plate, Belgian FTW :)

  2. Hell yeah! As if I didn’t think Toyota was cool enough… this video is awesome! I’m gonna download the font too! Outstanding find, Andy!

    And yeah, can’t wait to get back to Belgium! I love the cars, the scenery, the women, and the pomme frites!

  3. Quester

    Hey Ant, if you’re into Belgian food, the next time you’re down in the DC area, we’ll take you to Granville Moore’s for Moules Frites (mussels and fries) and Belgian beer. The mussels and fries are CRAZY! You’ll want to leave a thank you note written on the street with your AE tires…

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