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NEWSWORTHY> Formula Drifting on Hollywood Blvd

With Round 1 of the Formula Drift Championship finished this past weekend, and the Formula D Team Drift competition at Long Beach this upcoming weekend, some of the Formula D stars put on a very special show earlier today (Thursday night) in Hollywood. Apparently, this was part of a promotion for the IZOD Indycar Series and the Long Beach Grand Prix coming up this weekend, but whatever… we don’t give a two sh!ts about Indycars – bring on more drifting!

There were actually several rotary powered vehicles in attendance for the drift demo, but by far, the best looking car (in our opinion) was certainly Justin Pawlak‘s mean green FC3S RX7.

RotorMaven Edward Uche came to the event with me, and he kept saying how happy he was to see JTP’s FC3S drifting down Hollywood Blvd. The random tourists lined up on the side of the street loved it, too! Obviously! JTP’s FC is sick!

Here’s a snapshot of Justin Pawlak, pointing out the MotorMavens sticker he’s rocking on his car. That’s dope, thanks for the support Justin!

Some blogs have to pay big money to get their sticker on drift cars. We don’t have to pay a cent (good thing, cause we don’t have a cent). In fact, I heard Justin bought that sticker from our online store. Now THAT is showing some support! We really appreciate it, JTP!

Here’s another rotary powered vehicle… the Mazda RX8 being driven by super nice Joon Maeng!

Yet another Mazda RX8! We particularly liked the wheels and drop on Mike Whiddett’s RX8! This thing sounds insane. It was definitely making all the Spiderman and Elvis impersonators on the Hollywood Walk of Fame go deaf.

Well, I guess not all the cars were low. This is Mike Essa‘s BMW 350R, powered by an M5 engine. Sounds pretty crazy!

Samuel Hubinette was in attendance too, showing off his outstanding driving skills, piloting a car with looks that not even a mother could love. I’m not dissing Challengers necessarily… I’ve seen some cool Challengers before. I’m not even dissing Samuel, because I’ve seen his personal cars before, and they looked cool. I just think the builder of this car forgot about one of the general goals of building a drift car… make it look good!

That’s it for me. See you guys at Long Beach this weekend!

:: Horacio Z Flores

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16 Responses

  1. Justin Shreeve

    Horacio, I don’t know you, but I like you. Haha Your comments about Sam’s car were too funny. I’m glad to see that JTP is still driving the FC occasionally and BUYING A MOTORMAVENS STICKER?! How cool is that? Thanks again for the support Justin.

  2. haha @Horacio/Justin… great post man … imma hav’ta agree with you Justin ..that challenger neeeds some bigger rims and some offset.. But i guess that set up is made to win races.. and thats what the builder is all about. WINNING!

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  4. Edward Uche

    As I first heard of this event in Hollywood, visions of some dope J-turn sliding came in my mind with some of driftings elite manji Highland Blvd right into Hollywood Blvd. I arrived and found a small section reserved for the drivers and soon felt a surge of dissapointment, I recall thinking to myself, “Great, we are in Hollywood…the true platform for showcasing drifting”.

    If we’re to exhibit motorsports, at least provide more room. Thanks LA Mayor Villaraigosa. Regardless of the crawl space provided,the rotary sounds that filled the air were great and it was hilarious seeing Pawlak poke fun at Hubinette’s car displaying quality ride height :) Rotaries were in full force and that was pretty much all I needed…with the exception of some of the promo girls, eye candy for days.

  5. ♫ WOOOOD ♫ ♪Holly-woood♪ ♫ Doo do doo ♫ Hey Guys! Thanks for the comments! @ Justin, Yo man, your films are SIIICK! Rad stuff truly, I am a fan Señor. Aw Sam’s Challenger his builder needs to get hooked up with viztech.se check under cars and look for the challenger. Or not, I suppose it’s the getting used to aspect of what is new. Not used to seeing something so radically different, and TALL wheel gap and all. I’m hoping it only gets better, visually. Cause as a stock muscle car it looks pretty damn good for being so big. One thing for sure though, SAM is a SMART man. ALL the North americans that love muscle were howling at this thing, they love it!

    @ mike Yo Mike! Missed you there with your new lens buddy. It’s alright, no sweat man. @ Tamer, I agree fill that gap, but as you said there might be a good reason for this. Atop of Sam’s skill it could only get better.@ Felix, yess, very happy to see Essa’s Black monster on the prowl once again. The BMW was initially LOWER, a great deal lower. I guess they haven’t had time to reset the suspension properly after the collision in Long beach.

    @Castro, I did not see Aasbo or his car there man, sorry.

    Thanks for the comments everybody, it was RAD even if the tarmac was over such a small canvas.

  6. Cristian

    Those photos are ridiculous! Insanely Beautiful… Great Job HZF!!! I wish I could have been there. Maybe next year…

  7. abi

    dude joon’s rx8 looks bad ass in that photo!!……and that challenger man, never would have imagined it drifting… great fotos…

  8. guzx

    damn!!!! i like the pictures a lot. the RX7 and RX8 are awesome!!!!! Plus the BMW looks like a powerful beast. I wish i was there in person to see the cars

  9. Kick-as!!! looks like someone is climbing the ranks fast, this Horacio cat got some of the most memorable moments, I can see the tension, excellent timing from the photographers, all the pictures here are a sight to be hold. Keep rocking Motormavens!

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