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NEWSWORTHY> Get Free Kicks from Vans!

Apparently, the collabo contest that Vans Shoes is doing with Mitsubishi is proving to be pretty popular. I decided to post this up in case some of our readers haven’t seen this video yet. You can enter the contest to win some free shoes from Vans or a bag of random stuff from Mitsubishi Motors America!

All you need to go is guess how many boxes of Vans shoes they were able to fit inside the new Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback wagon and send it in. Some of the Motor Mavens have already entered in their guesses… maybe I’ll enter the contest too, and see if I can win some shoes.

Good luck!

:: Jeff Yip

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0 Response

  1. Rich

    That would be a tough guess considering how much room these cars have these days. I guess I’ll try it out. Vans are sick!

  2. Mr. Moons

    I just went over to the Mitsubishi website and checked the size of the cargo area of that car, and the biggest it can be is 52.7 cubic feet. If anyone knows the dimensions of a vans shoe box I think we’d be set!

  3. GroduceJunc

    The boys here at FedUp think you would get way more boxes in there if you followed the rules of “T” Stacking! We move packages – we know.

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