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So what are YOU doing today? We’re up super early, because we’re heading out to the IDRC Finals at California Speedway in Fontana. If you’re in Southern California, and your home isn’t burning down from one of the summer fires, then come out and hang out with us in Fontucky for some explosive drag racing action.

If you’re in the New Jersey area, you could always go to the D1 Grand Prix event at E-town. I hear Team Orange won’t be in attendance because their cars were shipped to Europe for a drifting event they’re doing next week, but many of D1’s top Japanese star drivers will still be there! Make sure to harrass our friends at the EatSleepRace booth!

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  1. re: team orange out of D1… Team Orange skipping town wouldnt have anything to do with all the penalties handed out after chicago would it?

    from the D1 Press Release:

    1) Kazuhiro Tanaka – Fine of $10,000 & loss of series points & suspension for the rest of the D1GP USA season.

    2) Nobushige Kumakubo – Fine of $5,000 & loss of event points in Chicago

    3) Team Orange – As a result of the team mechanic’s actions, an additional $2,500 fine

    considering $10k is more than the 1st place prize money, Id say that pretty good incentive (on top of being DQ’d from the event) to go do a DEMO somewhere else.

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