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OH SNAP> BN Sports IS300 In The Rainy Northwest

On my way into Xtreme Toys in Portland today, I spotted this BN kitted IS300, which belongs to my friend Nick Rodriguez. I’ve never been a huge fan of Altezzas, but the first time I laid eyes on this car, I couldn’t pull them away. The stance is perfect. The fitment is perfect. The kit, paint, visors, and wings are all perfect. Not to mention, he’s repping MotorMavens. It all comes together to look so right. Cars like his are far from common in the cold and rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised when I noticed that Nick is currently rocking a set of XXR 521s. He told me that he sold his Rota Grids, ABC Exclusives, and MRR HR-2s to save up for a set of SSR Viennas. I can’t wait! Look out for a full feature on Nick’s car this Summer. That is, if he doesn’t sell it first. haha

Also, not only can this guy put together a super steezy full-scale vehicle, he’s a magician behind the controls of a 1/10th scale RC drift car. Look forward to a full-length RC drift video in the near future, brought to you by myself and the good folks at Xtreme Toys. Jeah!

:: Justin Shreeve

PS – Tandem of Die.

For more than just RC drift cars, visit Xtreme Toys online!

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13 Responses

  1. Latenights... (nick)

    Thanks Justin! Summer should bring some big things including some proper wheels.

    -om1kron- no.. I know who you speak of though. He has ganadors, cooler wheels, and is in Texas if I’m not mistaken. I think my IS was the second in the states with BN, behind one in Cali.

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  3. beto(chiprez)

    yea this car is dope!see it in Vancouver all the time.saw it a few days ago on stock wheels and was a bit surprised.but sick car nonetheless

  4. Hotdoghogie

    Running the same wheels on the RX8, nothing wrong with em for temps. BTW when are you guy7s going so MM stickers, we’ve been waiting good while.

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