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OH SNAP> EG6 Civic + Subaru WRX = Cibaru?

You might be thinking, “what are you talking about?” After all, we don’t normally post up photos of incomplete cars that are getting painted on our website. This particular snapshot comes from a post on the Honda Tech forum that my friend Terry Pham linked me to.

You might be thinking… wait, is that a GDB Subaru Impreza WRX STi hood scoop bondoed to an EG6 Honda Civic hood? If that’s what you guessed, then you would be correct. However, before you go and pass judgment on whether you think it’s cool or not, let me give you some insight into the story.

This EG6 Civic hybrid is the first of its kind, that’s for sure. It features not only an engine swap, but an entire FRAME and running gear swap from a GDB Subaru Impreza WRX STi! So YES, you would be correct if you guessed this was an AWD Honda Civic EG6… and if you ever heard it driving down the street, you should know that its engine is not blown; in fact, that’s the sound that a 4 cylinder Subaru boxer motor is supposed to make… even though it’s not supposed to make that sound from underneath the hood of a Honda Civic!

While we don’t normally feature these types of cars on our site, I thought I should post it up, because the fabrication work behind this build-up is pretty damn fascinating! The original Subaru body panels were cut off from the Impreza’s frame to make this work, and the owner of this car cut up the body of a perfectly good EG6 Civic hatchback, and pretty much welded it onto the Subaru frame! Whether you like the look aesthetically or not, you just GOTTA give the builder of this car props for his originality and workmanship – c’mon!

I’m wondering what our readers think about this car. First, read the build-up thread (with more photos) on Honda Tech, then come back to MotorMavens to voice your opinion on this!

Would YOU like to have this as a weekend/fun car? Or no…?

:: Antonio Alvendia

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14 Responses

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  2. nunya

    Props on the originality and thinking outside the box and everything but I wish all the effort would have been geared toward something a little cooler than a civic. Nice work though lol

  3. Antonio Alvendia

    @nunya: haha, that’s real talk right there! i agree. it’s not really the coolest LOOKING thing i’ve ever seen, but I bet it’s pretty fun to drive in the snow, or on dirt backroads!

    @Richard: WTF? i’ve never seen anything like that.

  4. Andrew

    This is coming from a Subaru owner. This is great, lots of great fab work, I approve. In addition, Subaru, two door hatchbacks are cool, take note from this build, Ford and Citroen.

    My opinion about this, I would of loved to see this thing with a black front mount and no hood scoop on stock eg white or red color . Would of made for a great clean looking sleeper. The only thing that would of given it away would be the rumble, but not to the common joe on the street. I understand he was on a budget, and this thing isn’t finished yet but just some suggestions :) but that’s me and all I did was write this post not merge two cars together, props.

  5. D1RGE.EXE

    Not only would I rock this great build, I would also make it RWD and drift the bastard. If nothing else, just to stun all the Nissan dedicated.

  6. Absolution

    After the guy gets this thing running, I vote the name Impre-Civ. Doesn’t really match the natural nonclemanture, but it’s clever, no?

  7. Antonio Alvendia

    @Absolution: DAMNNNNN!!!! You BEAT me!!! Impre-Civ is a WAY better name than Cibaru! *PROPS* hahaha

  8. Absolution

    @Antonio: You sir, have been owned, lol. Nah, just joking, brah, we were thinking the same thing. Shoots, aloha from Hawaii.

  9. antonio, rona’s friend steven. not to get picky, but from reading i don’t believe the frame was an STi frame. “just” a WRX.

    from a WRX owner, i kind of like the idea. imagine hearing that boxer rumble coming from out an EG hatch at a stop light. your mind would explode.

  10. I checked out the build thread , and its pretty extensive with all the cutting and welding, but personally, its not my cup of tea. Coming from a builder perspective, like WHOA CIVIC + WRX.. who would’ve ever thought of that… its those crazy french Canadians eh ! i see he’s from montreal, those cold winters really gets those brain juices flowing and thinking up new things, when your stuck inside 4 months out of the year. Hands down epic build

  11. Lexie

    Absolutely amazing. This is the best shape civic, and 4 wheel drive sounds like a dream :)
    Would love to do that to my little EG.

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