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OH SNAP> The Demon That Makes Trophies of Men

A lot of times when you buy a car, you have a plan. Sometimes it can be just a mild street car build, or full on race car that will never see a day on the streets. In my experience my builds are always unexpected, starting off with just a daily driver that turns into a full blown money eating machine. Either way, planned or not planned we all have the same passion on getting our cars to become what we imagine in our minds. It always amazes me how far we go to do that.

Our very own writer Lucas Perez does just that. Keeping his car out of commission for about 2 years, and doing everything he can to get his imagination into reality. I met Lucas about 5  years ago when he used to daily drive his AE86, now that his car has been under the knife at Garage Autohero for an extended period of time, the car will be alive and driving here very soon. I can’t wait, and I’m sure everyone else can’t either! Look forward to a full article on this AE86!

::Yoshi Shindo

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25 Responses

  1. Antonio Alvendia

    Damnnnnn Lucas it looks SICK! Bring it back to all ZENKI! that would be soooooooper fresh!

    Also, I love the CLARITY in the photo, thanks to Yoshi’s new camera and new lens!!! DOPE congrats guys!

  2. Edward Uche

    Aww dope. Can’t wait to see it Lucas, this is motivating. Soo need this new job than it’s a lovely trip down FC rebuild road.

  3. Haha, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!! I’m so jealous of you AE86 owners…. I want one something awful! :(

    Lately I’ve liked car shots without bumpers… Maybe because my 240SX has been without hers for so long now. (Six months and counting, not totally on purpose though.)

  4. Nice shot Yoshi.

    I’m diggin’ the slight “camber” the engine has and the sleepy headlights. Fitment is lookin’ spot on as well. A very nice teaser shot, don’t keep us waiting for the full feature tooo long guys!

  5. Lucas Perez

    Thanks guys! I cant wait till its finished, Im just trying to track down a few parts right now.

    Yoshi’s new camera make it look amazing!

  6. I rec relate to that first paragraph so so much with my FC3S project. bought as a £250 engineless shell and within a month as basic competition spec now a year and a half later.. its only half way there… the goal posts just keep moving!

    Look forawrd to seeing this. :)

  7. Jay Chauuuuuuuu

    Shi bal! Clean shot, my ninja Yoshi. 😉 Those tires are fat like my dick. No homo. Love the photo! Keep up the good work bro! I am proud. :)))

  8. Kid Karola

    haha looks like those FM-901’s haven’t turned in a while ;’)
    Looking forward to seeing this monster in action soon! KK

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