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OH SNAP> Happy July 4th from All Star Bash

All Star Bash 2010 Just Drift Ziptied Willow Springs International Raceway MotorMavens

Most of us in the United States are celebrating Independence Day today, the Fourth of July. This weekend, Mike Kim, Larry Chen and I represented the Southern Cali chapter of the MotorMavens Crew were out at Willow Springs International Raceway, shooting photos at the Ziptied/Just Drift All Star Bash drifting festival.

We had an awesome time at All Star Bash (as always), as it’s always good to catch up with old friends and meet lots of new drifting friends. This year, I think that the cars that traveled the furthest distance to be at ASB were from Canada’s west coast… somewhere near Vancouver. Big ups to the Drift Union guys, driving out with their super sick purple tire eaters.

We’re still in the midst of all the July 4th festivities, so we have some more drinking and celebrating to do… sorry for the delay! More photos from All Star Bash coming soon, but we need to head out to a friend’s party right now!

Happy 4th of July from the MotorMavens Crew!

:: Antonio Alvendia

PS: Our MotorMavens Northwest crew was out shooting drifting this weekend as well! Stay tuned to MotorMavens for a super cool 2JZGTE feature story from Yoshi Shindo! Great work this weekend, Yoshi!

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16 Responses

  1. The Drift Union guys are from Kelowna, which is about a four and a half hour drive away from Vancouver. I dunno about you, but by my standards that’s not very close, haha.

  2. Edgar

    Those guys were definitely cool and ripping it up. Such a fun event! Can’t wait for the complete coverage

  3. haha Mr. Moons. When I met those guys and they told me where they were from, I had never even heard of the city. I didn’t know it existed, but I know they said it was in Canada, on the west coast somewhere, so I figure… yeah, near Vancouver. haha ignorant Americans strike again.

  4. @ Mr Moon, Did we meet at FD Long beach?.. i think i told you that i use to live on Vancouver island.

    @ Antonio, Great picture man… how long was the exposure? Happy Belated 4th weekend. lol its a bit late, but warranted.

  5. D1RGE.EXE

    Beautiful photo. Is there any way you could grace us with desktop res? Pretty pleeeeeease..

  6. brandon scarpelli

    lookin forward to the complete coverage! sorry we missed each other! I am sure you guys did plenty of partying though! Sick ass event as always!

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