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VIDEO> Tyler McQuarrie Speaks on Leaving Falken

Finally, a straight answer!!! There has been a LOT of talk and speculation about Formula Drift Irwindale First Place Winner Tyler McQuarrie and his decision to part ways with his juggernaut tire sponsor, Falken Motorsports.

While we didn’t want to write about it and perpetuate any further rumors, we just saw this video online, which had professional driving coach/road racer/drifting champion McQuarrie spilling the beans, with a sincere and heartfelt explanation on his situation. GREAT JOB on the video, THS Crew! If you follow the Formula Drift Championship, you absolutely MUST watch this video

:: Mike Kim

RESPECT DUE: We saw this video first through our good friends at EverythingDRIFT!

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5 Responses

  1. nismokid_5

    I agree with what he’s saying there was a LOT of BS calls at Seattle this year I almost threw my laptop it was so stupid

  2. D1RGE.EXE

    Sometimes, teams gamble on strategy and win, sometimes lose. Falken lost in spectacular fashion in so many ways at Vegas. Good for Tyler. He deserves to be the star of a team. He has more driving talent than almost anyone in FD and deserves to have a team that will not undercut him and treat him like 2nd-class garbage.

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